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Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch (/ˌkwɪlərˈkuːtʃ/; 21 November 1863 – 12 May 1944) was a Cornish writer who published using the pseudonym Q. Although a prolific novelist, he is remembered mainly for the monumental publication The Oxford Book Of English Verse 1250–1900 (later extended to 1918) and for his literary criticism. He influenced many who never met him, including American writer Helene Hanff, author of 84, Charing Cross Road and its sequel, Q's Legacy. His Oxford Book of English Verse was a favourite of John Mortimer's fictional character Horace Rumpole.

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Sir Arthur Quiller-couch Poems

  • Epilogue: To A Mother
    On seeing her smile repeated in her daughter's eyes

    A thousand songs I might have made ...
  • Envoy
    Young Knight, the lists are set to-day!
    Hereafter shall be time to pray
    In sepulture, with hands of stone.
    Ride, then! outride the bugle blown! ...
  • Christmas Eve
    Friend, old friend in the Manse by the fireside sitting,
    Hour by hour while the grey ash drips from the log;
    You with a book on your knee, your wife with her knitting,
    Silent both, and between you, silent, the dog. ...
  • The Splendid Spur
    NOT on the neck of prince or hound
    Nor on a womanâ??s finger twinâ??d,
    May gold from the deriding ground
    Keep sacred that we sacred bind: ...
  • To A Friend
    Here in the fairway
    Fetching--foul of keel,
    Long-stray but fortunate--
    Out of the fogs, the vast ...
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  • Robertjstone2: birds in books. ‘the gaffer’s eyes wandered from a brambling hopping about the lichen-covered boulders and away to the sea-fowl wheeling above the ships...’ sir arthur quiller-couch – the seventh man.
  • Jocelynpalmer92: this reminds me again of sir arthur quiller-couch's anecdote about the young woman of surpassing loveliness who asked a young naval cadet to dance at a grand ball.
  • Alanfunky: and the quote is attributed to a specific person, not an unknown: sir arthur quiller-couch
  • Karenkts11: 8) favourite poems of the sea - edited by howard watson this is a very good anthology of poems, most of which are very enjoyable. some of the poems i was familiar with and others were new to me. new to me poems i enjoyed included the harbour of fowey by sir arthur quiller couch
  • Bryantd: “kill your darlings.” — sir arthur quiller-couch, possibly
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