Let me tell you a little story, of the missus and her cheese,
Some would call it an obsession, almost as extreme as a disease,
There's not a single day passes, without some gracing her palate,
So to keep her stocked up, you'd be needing a healthy wallet,

Now on our first trip south, we head on out to little ole Cobram,
To visit Uncle Norman's daughter Deb, yeah that's Shell's first cousin,
And well as it turns out, her husband Brett would you believe,
Works at a huge dairy factory, where they produce shitloads of cheese,

Whether it's tasty or brie, Camembert or cheddar,
Blue cheese or smoked, she could think of nothing that's better,
Fresh parmesan snaps, and even the good ole fashioned toasty,
If she worked out her tucker intake, it'd have to be cheese mostly,

So you could imagine her delight, after one of Brett's shifts,
He comes home with a bag, chock loaded with cheesy gifts,
It's one week on, and yes the fridge is still packed,
Of Shell's breakfast, lunch and dinner, and those go to dairy snacks,

It's creamy and moorish, so it's definitely not her fault,
I'm sure that Shell's love of cheese, won't ever come to a halt.