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Just your average Aussie bloke who spent 23yrs as a professional tattoo artist and now travelling as much as possible with my girl Shell and sometimes our dog honey. Writing about our camping experiences as they happen. ...
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  • The Red Wiggle Fish
    Whilst we've been camping, on the banks of the river Murray,
    I've made it my mission, to catch that big one and see,
    Well what's all the fuss about, what makes them iconic,
    Whether your using cheese for bait, or lures having a flick, ...
  • Pure Gold
    Let me tell you a little story, of the missus and her cheese,
    Some would call it an obsession, almost as extreme as a disease,
    There's not a single day passes, without some gracing her palate,
    So to keep her stocked up, you'd be needing a healthy wallet, ...
  • The Splash
    Kicked back having a port, and I hears this splash,
    Being curious as I am, I grab the torch in a flash,
    Well wouldn't you know it, the 2nd time in 9 months,
    I've had a personal encounter, with a duck billed platypus, ...
  • Frying Pan
    Just out of Dungog, up in Chichester State forest
    There's a beautiful camp ground, that's up with the best
    On the Telegherry River, that lines all the top spots
    Through the week it's sparce, but come Friday there's lot's ...
  • Bush Therapy
    It's time babe to pack that trailer, and shop for a week and go
    We're heading bush, for quiet time with two dogs in toe.
    Honey's a seasoned gal, with Coco, an open book
    The start was shit, with coco the whinging sook ...
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  • Just give it a crack, enjoy life and what it has to offer because we're all running out of time.
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