Whilst we've been camping, on the banks of the river Murray,
I've made it my mission, to catch that big one and see,
Well what's all the fuss about, what makes them iconic,
Whether your using cheese for bait, or lures having a flick,

Yeah I said cheese for bait, you heard that all right,
Cause if ya chasing a Murray Cod, feed em something they'll bite,
As strange as it sounds , it really seems to work,
With using cheese for bait, it has a certain perk,

If ya getting a little hungry, and ya feel a bit peckish,
Whip out the water crackers, while your waiting on that fish,
But don't eat to much, cause you'll run out of bait,
It could be that next cube of cheese, that will decide your fate,

They write tales about this, and I'm not joking around,
I cast into the Murray, and casually sit my arse down,
No more than three minutes, there's a bend in the rod,
And wouldn't you know it, I've just landed my first Murray Cod,

To say I'm excited, is an understatement in itself,
You don't need fishing charters, or hit the continental shelf,
Just a trusty old rod, And a block of tasty cheese,
I'm but a simple fisherman, and so easy to please,

A few more Murray's since then, I think I've now got the knack,
To pass on some tips, to my sons Mitch and Jack.