Deep down my soul
I harbor a deep sense of satisfaction
This therapeutic feeling of abundance
Because my life has been a complete intricacy
All because of a gracious woman, my formidable other half
Who makes me believe, God should be missing an Angel

Dadirai, I can surely brag about you
Because I picked a diamond in the rubble
I fell in love with the most intelligent woman in my world
You whose love became my sedative
You who covered up my mess
I must be the luckiest man living.

Because of you, I can be counted among men
From you, I learned true unconditional love
You defined patience, loyalty and humility
You are more than beautiful, the human in you keeps me baffled
You, the Queen that gathered all my children
To teach them love without excuse.

I am indebted to you forever
For my life is worthless without you
You, the antidote to my absurdity
The redeemer of my misdemeanor
The who that managed the cesspit of my immorality
You are truly an Angel released by God Himself

As you turn 50, I am touched by your endurance
37 years of emotional abuse by me
The one that broke your rustic innocence
The one and only you vowed to love forever
And looking at you now, you are still amazing
I would be lost without you.

You have raised me with the children, and I am not proud
If only I could turn back the hands of time
I would wash you ashore to the sandy vale of love
You have always brought me up, no matter how low I have fallen
I am grateful I was the first to have you
For there will never be another of your mold.

My prayer for you is, if God ever realizes you are missing
That he may let me keep you forever
Otherwise I would be a lost cause, flying on broken wings
But, hey, forgive me my darling, for the hurt and the tears I caused you to cry
For the pain and love you cohabited in your heart
I will truly love you to the end of my days
I will forever thank the Man above
Happy birthday mavourneen.