The deafening silence of my dreams
The entropy in my life’s journey
The darkness in the alleys of my visions
The searching of calm and peace
The burdens of my being

It is my dreams of a better world
A share of the sweet pie for the down trodden
A reality check for the dreamless
The children of sorrow and misery
Crying for a world they can call home.

Those dreams that perish in vanguard cruelty
They drown in the perfidy of poverty
Forgotten in the political cauldron
Of the power games by selfish humanity
Their misty eyes never to see the rising sun.

It is my tears that shadow my own dreams
I dream of a perfect world full of love
Love to give, to take and to share
Enough to overflow the sorrows of this world
And make humanity the light of the world.

How does mankind find greed to be moral?
Why do politicians find power to be sweet?
How do you keep within your soul?
When poverty consumes your kin
What joy do you find when you maim and kill?