Water Ballad Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Come hither gently rowingA
Come bear me quickly o'erB
This stream so brightly flowingA
To yonder woodland shoreC
But vain were my endeavourB
To pay thee courteous guideD
Row on row on for everB
I'd have thee by my sideD
Good boatman prithee haste theeE
I seek my father landF
Say when I there have placed theeE
Dare I demand thy handF
A maiden's head can neverB
So hard a point decideD
Row on row on for everB
I'd have thee by my sideD
The happy bridal overB
The wanderer ceased to roamG
For seated by her loverB
The boat became her homeG
And they still sang togetherB
As steering o'er the tideD
Row on through wind and weatherB
For ever by my sideD

Samuel Taylor Coleridge


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