The Happy Husband Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Oft oft methinks the while with theeA
I breathe as from the heart thy dearB
And dedicated bame I hearC
A promise and a mysteryA
A pledge of more than passing lifeD
Yea in that very name of wifeD
A pulse of love that ne'er can sleepE
A feeling that upbraids the heartF
With happiness beyond desertG
That gladness half requests to weepE
Nor bless I not the keener senseH
And unalarming turbulenceI
Of transient joys that ask no stingJ
From jealous fears or coy denyingJ
But born beneath Love's brooding wingJ
And into tenderness soon dyingJ
Wheel out their giddy moment thenK
Resign the soul to love againK
A more precipitated veinL
Of notes that eddy in the flowM
Of smoothest song they come they goM
And leave their sweeter understrainL
Its own sweet self a love of theeA
That seems yet cannot greater beA

Samuel Taylor Coleridge


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