The Ring Bounded By Fear Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


We dwell in a place like paradiseA
A picturesque nation with seven thousand one hundred seven islandsB
Lying just above the equatorC
Seated in the western partD
Of the largest ocean on earthE
A beauty to beholdF
Tourists flocked and exploredG
The best islandsB
From its rocky shallowsB
To deep twilight zone reefsB
Rich endemic plantsB
And animals thrivedH
Unique marine creatures flourishedI
And most of allJ
A home to happy and warmK
Hospitable peopleL
Volcanoes with their mighty peaksB
Dominated the skylineM
One of them had the most perfect coneN
Mighty Mayon VolcanoO
A wonder of the worldP
An abodeQ
To the most biologically diverseB
Waters on earthE
Splendid and sunny beachesB
With the whitest white sandR
Bodies of water hidingS
At the foot of the mountainsB
Underground river flowingS
In a mountain rangeT
Fountains in the midst of the valleysB
A true embodimentU
Of the magnificentU
Art of GodV
Oh so wonderfulL
So beautifulL
Yet so fearfulL
Nestled in a horseshoe shapedW
Along the Circum Pacific BeltX
Otherwise known as the Ring Of FireC
Like the sword of DamoclesB
Hanging above our headsB
Always in a quandaryY
On what to doZ
Comes that mighty blowO
Into the dimA2
Recesses of our mindsB
We pushed the queryY
Will the tremorsB
Likened to a cat cryB2
The roar of a beastC2
Or a bomb that had gone offD2
Will it splinterC
The highest and the lowliestC2
Flatten the earthE
And lead usB
To the arm of nothingnessB
The upsurge of the waterC
The seismic wavesB
The slip slide and collideC2
Of tectonic platesB
The shaking beneath the feetC2
Are our constant fearsB
When the volcanoes blow fastC2
Is our darkestC2
And deepest fearE2
We might be taken outC2
On this EarthE
All at onceB
Everyone cries for mercyY
To the One AboveF2
Cry from the heartC2
That we will be sparedC2
From the wrathG2
Of the Ring Of FireC
Copyright Rose Marie Juan Austin All Rights ReservedC2

Rose Marie Juan Austin


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