We dwell in a place like paradise
A picturesque nation with seven thousand one hundred seven islands
Lying just above the equator
Seated in the western part
Of the largest ocean on earth.

A beauty to behold
Tourists flocked and explored
The best islands
From its rocky shallows
To deep twilight zone reefs.

Rich endemic plants
And animals thrived
Unique marine creatures flourished
And most of all
A home to happy and warm
Hospitable people.

Volcanoes with their mighty peaks
Dominated the skyline
One of them had the most perfect cone
Mighty Mayon Volcano
A wonder of the world.

An abode
To the most biologically diverse
Waters on earth
Splendid and sunny beaches
With the whitest white sand.

Bodies of water hiding
At the foot of the mountains
Underground river flowing
In a mountain range
Fountains in the midst of the valleys
A true embodiment
Of the magnificent
Art of God.

Oh, so wonderful
So beautiful
Yet, so fearful
Nestled in a horseshoe shaped
Along the Circum Pacific Belt
Otherwise known as the Ring Of Fire.

Like the sword of Damocles
Hanging above our heads
Always in a quandary
On what to do
Comes that mighty blow.

Into the dim
Recesses of our minds
We pushed the query
Will the tremors
Likened to a cat cry
The roar of a beast
Or a bomb that had gone off?

Will it splinter
The highest and the lowliest
Flatten the earth
And lead us
To the arm of nothingness?

The upsurge of the water
The seismic waves
The slip, slide and collide
Of tectonic plates
The shaking beneath the feet
Are our constant fears.

When the volcanoes blow fast
Is our darkest
And deepest fear
We might be taken out
On this Earth
All at once.

Everyone cries for mercy
To the One Above
Cry from the heart
That we will be spared
From the wrath
Of the Ring Of Fire.

Copyright 2018, Rose Marie Juan- Austin, All Rights Reserved