The rain falls like bullets
It splits our home
And pierces the tenderness
Of our hearts
It displaces the hill I loved dearly
And tears down my favorite tree.

It is in the rain
That I witnessed
Nature's equality
It spares no one
Rich and poor
Good and evil.

Yet, I love the rain
Each drop creates rhythm
And music that only nature can give
It sounds likeangels
Coming down from heaven
Knocking our hardened hearts.

Rain nourishes
And feeds God's creations
Brings a new lease of life
To broken grasses and lands
Gives the world
Mysteries and wonders.

I love to look up
And face the sky
Whenever it rains
The pattering of raindrops
On my cheeks
Are like the sweet wet kisses
Of a lover.

When I am lonesome
And tears come streaming down my face
I used the rain to wash them away
Hiding my sorrow and temporary weakness
And Iremember
My beloved mother
Her tender loving hands
Wiping my tears.

Copyright 2017, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved