I still remember the most fragrant flower
That assaulted my senses with wonder
The song that made me cry a river
Is vividly imprinted
In my heart's deepest corner.

How can I not remember you, Father
You brought me into this world
You lives on through me
Yesterday, today
Until eternity.

I still remember the hate
I had with a former classmate
I left him on the dance floor
His anaconda embrace
Infuriated me beyond belief.

How can I not remember you, Father
You are the namesake
Of my only brother
Every time Isee myself in the mirror
I can see your lush full eyebrow
The shape of your face
And eyes like marbles
You are a part
And parcel of my personality.

I don't care who you were
All I remember is you are my father
I don't care how other people
Remember you
All I care
Is how I remember you.

I remember you
With love today
I spoke to God the other day
To bless your soul every single day
With every passing year
Memories of you linger.

Copyright 2017, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved