Her love is the first we have
And the purest of them all
From womb to tomb
And far, far beyond
Our mother's love
Will outlast
The end of time.

The beatings of our hearts
Are synchronized
With the beatings of her heart
Every fiber of her being
Every atom in her body
Speaks her love
Her only love
For us.

Even in our wildest dreams
We can always feel
How much she loves us
If we fell
Into a bottomless pit
Her love will find us
Our mother will make
A way out.

In our wanderings
She constantly follows
The footprints of our lives
In the darkest hours of the night
Her mind will not rest
Until she could say good night.

Through life's adversities
She molded our character like steel
But sometimes the storms of life
Claimed our path
Weakened our established character

And if life is too much to bear
My dear mother
Will spread her hands
Strong yet loving
And caring
And takes up the cudgels for us.

And if in case the Lord Almighty
Will take our lives ahead of time
She will ardently pray
To all the angels above
To take her life instead
For her life without us
Will be her million deaths.

Copyright 2017, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved