Beneath the canopy of stars,
The stillness of the night
Seeped into my being
And chilled me out.
There is no single iota
Of sound,
Only the rhythmic beatings
Of my lonely heart.

Then came a symphony of sounds:
The chirping of the crickets
Followed by the baritone voices
Of the bullfrogs
Continuously crying out their names
A plethora of fireflies
Like stars
Tossed from the sky
Like Christmas lights
Twinkling in the night
The birds singing their own songs
Before they finally settled
In their nests
The wind blowing through the trees
The sway and twist of the leaves
Like wind chimes
The owl when it hoots cries

Oh, a symphony of sounds!
It creates a magical evening
An orchestra
Performed by God's noblest creatures
Led by an invisible hand
Of the Great Maestro
The Mighty Hand
That rules the Universe.