My aim is high
As high as the moon
And stars above
It is almost
At the tip of my hand
But slips away in an instant.

I never departed
From that aim
Forever it will be mine
For my life without it
Is like breathing
With ailing lungs.

The path towards that aim
Is melted into
The darkness of the night
Yet, I will never lose hope
Until it will be realized.

I shout my aim
From the top of the hills and mountains
To the hidden springs in the mountains
At the mighty seas
Where the roaring rogue waves
Will carry my voice
All the way to the bottom of the sea.

I shout my aim
On the tunnels
My aim echoed
Ten thousand times
Up above the sky
It is well written in the rainbow
In seven striking hues.

I write my aim in papers
And attach them to the claws
Of singing birds
Let them fly
Bring it to the sky.

And I whisper
To the butterflies in
The garden
They will fly
Fly up above
They will bring it
To heaven.

Copyright 2017, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved