Like a soft shell
Afraid that she might be squashed
When I hold her tight
It makes me feel
Like I am walking
Through egg shells
Every single morning.

My child
Will always be a child
I will spend a whole life
Taking care of her
Mourning for her lost potentials.

Every waking moment
I will worry about her
What if I will be gone
Will there be someone
Who will ever comfort her?

What if I am gone
Who will put a smile
On her face so dearly?
And when she cries
Who will wipe every tear
From her eyes tenderly?

But she is my lucky charm
Her weaknesses
Are my strengths
Her single smile
Brought a million joys
And simple triumphs
Are the sweetest of all.

My beloved child
Is the keeper of my key
Toward God's Kingdom.

My beloved child
Will unlock
The Gates of Heaven for me.

Copyright 2017, Rose Marie Juan- Austin, All Rights Reserved