It was a bright night
With the full moon and sea of stars
At the celestial dome
His wife went
Hand in hand with him
To the deck of his boat.

He will trail the sea
With him
Her unending love
The warmth of her breath
And her sweetest kiss.

Before he sails to the vastness of the sea
He holds her hands
So soft
While his are so callous
By pulling in nets
And propelling his boat.

As the moon shines her face
He saw her brightest smile
Completely lit
By the full moon above
Her happiness
Is beyond measure.

But he knows
Deep inside
Her happiness
Is just a flash of lightning
Which pierced through the darkness.

For now
He will let himself drown
By her sheer joy
And pure beauty
For it is where he draws
His strengths and hopes.

When the moon wanes
She will be enveloped
With despair and sadness
And his heart
Will bleed for her.

Copyright 2018, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved