In the fine sandy seashore my legs stumble my way through
I gaze stranded in full retrospection of The Deity's creation
Never had I been robbed of my mind
But here I squander wholly infatuated.
All my memory filled to saturation
With the delicacy of this lass.

In the flowery labyrinth of walkways I remember
My heart missed a beat when my eyes drowned in light
Which all radiated from a common shimmering petite fig
That henceforth wiped darkness off my emotions
It gave me a reason for action and reaction
That till this breathe I hunger North
South, centre to the edges
In pursuit of this my dream girl.

Where are you my right?
You gave me a reason to live
Your slender voice fave me a rhythm to imitate
While your eyes lit up my path through my emotions-drought

I wish I could write to you my light
So you can comprehend the live you fill my heart with
But all I lack is the address to your heart
Please show me the purity of your sumptuous visage in it's gladness
And I will spit out the burn in my heart.