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Rodgers Jr Kizito ,a male Ugandan born on 5th January 2022 in Masaka city. He started his poetry career in 2017 and has hence published a few of his poems some of which have appeared in his school's magazine and more are yet to be published in the forth coming anthology. ...
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  • Unknown
    Shakespeare calls it magic
    Ladybird calls it fantasy
    Campusers call it ecstasy
    Students claim it's blind ...
  • To My Night Guards
    When you see a maiden, glamorous
    Whose hair is dark, short with tender looks
    Whose lips sweeter than honey comb, red as henna,
    Not an odious, never ...
  • Weight Of Emotion
    Why doesn't this history
    That I fight to make a mystery
    Ever turn out to be a victory?
  • Ecstasy Awaits
    Depart not from our party
    So we can party to part their envy
    Way into multiple parties
    Until they are blue in the face ...
  • Unworthy
    I truly trusted you the most
    And you fully blast me out the most
    It took me manhood through a maze
    Because I desired to get you the blaze ...
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Bagonza Alex: I really love his poetry. It's all natural for him. I can never forget how so much he helped me in improving my English Language at London College of St Lawrence from 2017-2019.
Tricky : Your poems are amazing,they contain such hidden meaning and inspiring as well

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