Your Poem Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


My poem may be yours indeedA
In melody and toneB
If in its rhythm you can readC
A music of your ownB
If in its pale woof you can weaveD
Your lovelier designE
'Twill make my lyric I believeD
More yours than mineE
I'm but a prompter at the bestF
Crude cues are all I giveG
In simple stanzas I suggestF
'Tis you who make them liveH
My bit of rhyme is but a frameI
And if my lines you quoteJ
I think although they bear my nameI
'Tis you who wroteJ
Yours is the beauty that you seeK
In any words I singL
The magic and the melodyK
'Tis you dear friend who bringL
Yea by the glory and the gleamM
The loveliness that luresN
Your thought to starry heights of dreamM
The poem's yoursN

Robert Service


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DOUBLE The Thinker: "Indeed the poem is yours" lovely piece.

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