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RobertWService: New video uploaded, enjoy watching it

GoMtCharleston: We’ve been unable to service trash/recycling cans & taking scarce PPE to remove trash from a trailhead is low priority when the med community doesn’t have enough. While we’re looking for a biohazard service to handle it, PLEASE stay close to home & take all your trash with you!

RobertWService: New post on Robert W. Service blog, check it => Scotland - Touring Skye Island

DaveCormack2: Definitely! Sent order in and did the curb pickup ! Awesome service!! Thanks Robert and Gayle and staff!

Gorillo1: Yall know Robert Kennedy granddaughter and great grandson missing? Like they had secret service with them how that happen?

SenSchumer: I spoke to Inspector General Michael Atkinson tonight, thanked him for his service, and told him that history will remember him as a hero and those who retaliated against him as scoundrels.

No1Cathedral: Join our online Palm Sunday Blessing of palms service now with The Very Revd Dr Robert Willis

BeaconChurchNY: Join us today for a hangout after the service! Robert will be doing a Q&A based on today’s message. Click the link to join, the meeting password is “palm”. See you there!

el_maletero: My poem of the day is The Spell of the Yukon, by Robert Service. It's about the thrill of a gold rush (mineral exploration) and the pull of a land that you love. (1/19)

MainThingRadio: Pastor Robert Fountain shares a message about the appropriate settings for the gifts of tongues and prophecy. What's your goal in church?

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robertfurrow: Special Palm Sunday Service this weekend! Join us live at

PaulRizzo128: Wow! What a true hero looks like. An average looking person capable of superhuman feats on the battlefield under fire. God Bless Robert Lewis Howard for his Honorable service to his Country.

GotCashed: Twitter is an American microblogging and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages known as "tweets"... Unless you’re a Trump supporter. Then, they’ll disable your features and make you invisible to others, kinda like a communist dictator would...

RobertWService: New video uploaded, enjoy watching it

fondrenlock: We will not be providing locksmith service for evictions until further notice

RobertWService: New post on Robert W. Service blog, check it => Scotland - from Urquhart Castle to Pitlochry and meeting Nessie!

RobertWService: New post on Robert W. Service blog, check it => Lancieux 1960

robertmwesige44: Our Company Offers More Internet Marketing Services in Key Areas Including: -Web Design -Web Development -Web Maintenance -Content Development -Search Engine Optimization (SEO) -Social Media Service -Digital Marketing Expertise -Web Photography

neilphilipmyth: If you ever need to say the name of Robert Louis Stevenson, the middle name is pronounced Lewis. He changed the spelling to appear more cosmopolitan, but not the pronunciation. This has been a coronavirus lockdown public service announcement.

RobertWService: New video uploaded, enjoy watching it

RobertWService: New post on Robert W. Service blog, check it => Scotland - Stirling to Edinburgh passing by Britannia Yacht

RobertWService: New post on Robert W. Service blog, check it => Oxford to Portsmouth before sailing to St Malo

rwatson7_robert: 22nd March 2020 Morning Service Live

ksn___: Sarah Robert Jakes - Girl get up full service on YouTube i recommend it to all women and girls.

JamesVanBuren: Thank yo sooooo much for your service and for speaking up for Captain Crozier. Where are the rest of the true men like yourself. We use to have men in this world like Jim Brown, Robert Mitchell, and Charles Bronson who spoke out for truth. Now we have nothing but a bunch of P...!

lowkeynerdyy: a relationship without trust is like a phone without service... & what do you do with a phone without service? you play games

Brambleman: John Noel takes a second run for Georgia Public Service Commission–this time in joint campaign with Robert Bryant

naiklagidotcom: “It isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out; it’s the grain of sand in your shoe.” -- Robert W. Service

KewGolfClub: Our longest serving staff member, Robert Grumont has reached a monumental 40 years of service to Kew Golf Club. Thanks for all your work Bob!

Poem of the day

Dusk In War Time
 by Sara Teasdale

A half-hour more and you will lean
To gather me close in the old sweet way-
But oh, to the woman over the sea
Who will come at the close of day?

A half-hour more and I will hear
The key in the latch and the strong, quick tread-
But oh, the woman over the sea

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