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runjaey: thank u for ur service cong. dannah and tuloy po ang laban cong. robert

paup_robert: No accepting new clients Call or text to schedule service

Jereme45: Over 500 Military Service Members Sue the Government for Mandating a Vaccine that Was Not FDA Approved and Should Not Have Been Administered.

WhitehorseFire1: Visit

historychappy: According to Trotsky, ‘Stalin was a man of no talent, an ignoramus, a bureaucratic mediocrity.’ Analysis of Professor Robert Service.

Molebusters: Congratulations to Robert Moore for winning this month’s Facebook drawing for a free Flea & Tick Treatment for his lawn and landscape. Each month we give away a free service to one of our Facebook likes. No purchase is necessary. Congrats again!

KarlEldridge1: "John Peel's Music" British Forces Broadcasting Service show 10th April 1980 - Part One

AssocTeacherEd: Are you a classroom teacher with service in education who shows potential for leadership in the field of teacher education, and currently enrolled in a masters or doctoral program? Apply for the Robert J. Stevenson Scholarship. Due July 15.

OPP_HSD: A combined 177 years of Auxiliary Service. Congratulations on your retirements! S/Sgt Patrick Kitchen –37 years of service Sgt Paul Elms –50 years of service Const John James –29 years of service Const David Zalitack -25 years of service Sgt Robert Kingdon -36 years of service

WhitehorseStar: Mudslide cleanup almost finished- Initial cleanup of the Apr. 30 mudslide along Robert Service Way is nearly complete.

haveigotnews: 178,000 bereaved families left kicking themselves for not writing ‘leaving drinks’ on the order of service.

USF_LTMC: Apply for the Robert Holstein Memorial scholarship! Undergrads committed to public service and enrolled in a McCarthy Center program are eligible for this $5000 scholarship. Apply by 5/31:

Richard28353205: Baby formula supply should return to normal in two months, FDA commissioner says

MisterKenn0071: Why Do You Think I Don't Want Anyone From Robert Service High School or Their After Graduation Activities in My Life?

AndrewCMcCarthy: The President is right: We need to stop just talk, talk, talking and take meaningful action against illegal and irresponsible gun behavior …

hodgetwins: How can you say this while being protected by an elite armed Secret Service armed with rifles and high capacity magazines? Common Man!

HHPZoo: Big thanks to this year’s Happy Hollow volunteers of the year and recipients of the Robert Brownlee Service Award: H.B. Mok and Jimm Vosburgh for their construction of a beautiful new chicken coop, and to Bev Miller who has been a zoo volunteer for nearly three decades!

naiklagidotcom: “It isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out; it’s the grain of sand in your shoe.” -- Robert W. Service

UKPolitics2010s: Two years ago today the UK Civil Service tweeted...

msm_monitor: This scandal, and it *is* a scandal given Sarwar's election pledge not to do any deals with the Tories, is being ignored by Scotland's public service broadcaster. BBC Scotland simply won't mention it.

Sallyf: Robert, I was introduced to this site by my cattery, she needed some help and found the customer service great so she recommended getcatcrazy, I can say I am glad she did.

ciananbrennan: Verona Murphy is heavily on the attack against Robert Watt, asking what specific actions he personally "on a massive salary, and I'll go no further than that" has taken to improve the health service. Standard unfazed response is "Thank you deputy for the question..."

christinafinn8: Verona Murphy questions Robert Watt on the health service. 'Have you identified a problem and you don't know what to do about it? Have you not identified the problem in which case it's getting worse or are you paid a large salary which you get regardless and just don't care?

daily_trust: The National Youth Service Corps says a former Minister of Aviation and senator representing Anambra North Senatorial District, Stella Oduah, did not complete the mandatory national youth service.

GlosCC: Thank you to council foster carers Maureen and Robert Kerr who recently celebrated ten years of fostering. They received a gift voucher, to say thank you for their years of service caring for some of our county's most vulnerable children. Read more

jupiterlee__: Sign up to my Reiki master & besties new subscription service that brings micro meditations, contemplations & learnings as an audio note every morning - it’s really changed my life for the better. I love them so much.

IAFF2928_: Join us in Congratulating Local2928 Member Captain Robert Scott Sherry on his retirement after 28 years of service. Enjoy your well earned retirement!

linkewire: Maritime Transport Consulting Service Market Is Booming Worldwide | WSP, Black & Veatch, Ramboll Group, The Maritime Group, Robert Allan and more

davido: Davido - Stand Strong (Official Video) ft. Sunday Service Choir

georgelamelza: Stellar Customer Service Starts with the Hiring Process. Robert Meir, general manager of Mediterranean restaurant CALA, discusses how he is building the team he credits with being ambassadors for the restaurant's values.

intrustimonials: "Very easy process, Matt was pleasant to talk to and took care of the service very quickly." - Robert M.

robert_gleason: I just want to be of service. If anybody wants something for me, just let me know!

AirportWatch: Robert Courts: "Consumers, jobs & innovation are at the heart of the government’s new strategy for building the aviation sector of tomorrow." ie. it is to get more passengers, more convenience and service for passengers, more profit for airlines and airports. CO2 is inconvenient.

CREWcrew: This week we got a set of incredibly damning documents from the Secret Service about the Trump family. This is what we learned:

faceintheblue: My mother read Robert Service's The Cremation of Sam McGee to me as a bedtime story when I was a kid. I'm confident it's the first time I'd ever heard of Tennessee (where the cotton blooms and blows). I remember asking why it was always hot there. Strange thing to remember...

FraminghamPatch: Superintendent Robert Tremblay offered his condolences and support service links "during this time of unconscionable loss and suffering."

ForOurCountryUS: Robert J. O'Neill, I certainly do not consider you that, I consider you an American hero, thank you for your service sir.

Rob_Jackson3577: Rev. Robert Kuhn, 89, Obituary, Death, Funeral Service & Visitation

CREWcrew: All told, Trump’s businesses have made nearly $2 million from the Secret Service. $2 million of taxpayer money, paid to Trump’s properties by his protection detail.

FRUSophile: Kline will share a bibliography but today highlights Rachel Carson and Her Sisters by Robert Musil Lewis recommends Outside Women Inside the Forest Service by Lauren Turner. Turner is now preparing Outside Women *of Color* Inside the Forest Service for publication [my emphasis]

dietchurchKE: Wednesday Live Service - Pastor Robert Maseki

txchristabelle: If you are licensed to practice law in Texas, the San Antonio Legal Service Association needs help representing shooting victims.

TheJasier: E The secret war (István Zorkóczy) Automated customer service (Meat Dept) Sucker of souls (Owen Sullivan) The tall grass (Simon Otto) Night of the mini-dead (Robert Bisi & Andy Lyon)

spj_tweets: The Robert D.G. Lewis First Amendment Award is given each year to an SPJ student member who has demonstrated outstanding service to the First Amendment through the field of journalism. Nominations must be submitted by Friday.

shsustuaffairs: Congratulations to the recipients of the Student Affairs 5 Year Service Award! Erica Bumpers Taylor Dusek Charlotte Jackson Lindsay Lauher Morgan Lutz Sierra Ray Belinda Russell Zachary Taylor Rob Webber Robert Williams

CalvaryTucson: Tonight for our midweek service, we will be studying Galatians 3:19-25. Pastor Robert will be giving a sermon titled "Why Did God Give the Law?"

thefoodbankinc: May was a busy month at The Foodbank! Thank you to these volunteer groups from Wright-Patt Credit Union, local State Farm agencies, local Verizon stores, and the Robert K. Jones Insurance Agency for spending their service day with us!

CREWcrew: Trump donated his presidential salary* *but his properties got $2 million from the Secret Service Jared didn’t take a govt salary* *but his firm received $2 billion from Saudi Arabia Ivanka didn’t take a govt salary* *but she raked in millions from the Trump DC Hotel

PalmerReport: Trump, in his capacity as President of the United States, called for the death of the Vice President. It doesn’t matter that the military advisers or secret service agents in the room would never have acted on this. It only matters that Trump said it.

NissanofDalton: Ms Angeles and her mother loved our service that they both purchased new vehicles from Nissan of Dalton! Thank you for your business! (Agent: Robert Gill)

PLeithart: "There is no a priori reason why, for example, 'substance' should be apt for conscription into metaphysical service and, for example, 'tune' should not." -Robert Jenson (once again, who else?)

OfferHope2: Everyone is welcome to join us tonight as Deacon Robert Smith will be teaching from Romans 5:1-11 in a message titled "Hope in These Times". The service starts at 7:00pm. There is childrens/youth services as well.

Ultrascan419: Tax fraud case | Courthouse News Service: HOUSTON — In the largest alleged tax evasion scheme in U.S. history, a federal judge in Houston ruled 80-year-old software billionaire Robert ...

deadstatedotorg: Woman confronts pastor mid-service — tells congregation he raped her when she was 16

SEOBAY1: Billionaire Brockman Found Competent to Stand Trial for Tax Evasion

bqbpublishing: Robert Stewart, author of the military thriller "No Greater Duty", on why it's important for U.S. service members to approve of his writing. Full interview here:

MercerStFriends: Barbara & David Fraser are the recipients of the Robert M. Appelbaum Service Award. We are honored to recognize their service and longtime support of our mission at the 2022 Leadership Awards Celebration!

Robert_Mills: More info here:

GuardMaine: Congratulations to 1st Sgt. Robert Ashmore on his retirement this month, one day short of 36 years of service! Well done! "Already done, sir"

george4stmarys: This post remembers Warrant Officer Class II Robert Minto Service Number: 7879434. Royal Army Veterinary Corps. Died 5th November 1943. His usual abode was Matfen Village. Died in Broad Green Emergency Hospital, Liverpool.

Vksinh_: A happy man is he who knows his limitations, yet bows to no false gods. -Robert W. Service

RWNpumpfab: In 2006, Robert Naron began fabricating skids and pumps for the oil field. As he began to build his business near Springtown, Texas, he was pursued by oil field service companies who needed customized pump trailer packages. Read more about the RWN story:

RepSlotkin: I know I speak for Oxford & all Michiganders when I say that our hearts are with the students, teachers, families & first responders whose lives were upended today. If we can be of service — just as the communities of Parkland & Sandy Hook were a help to us — please call us. 4/4

KyivIndependent: ⚡️Lithuania ready to treat wounded Ukrainian service members. Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anusauskas said on May 24 that “in the coming weeks, Lithuania will accept Ukrainian soldiers for rehabilitation,” according to a statement published on the ministry’s website.

Levi_godman: The Ukrainian Rada is proposing to allow Ukrainian officers to kill deserters. A deputy from Zelensky's Servant of the People party, Bezuglaya, introduced a bill that proposes changes to the statute of internal service.

Mortgage_Shop: Robert now knows the monthly payment on 25 Rates for £100,000 over 25 years:

dvandeventer: Kamakura Risk Manager® and the KRIS® default probability and risk information service are built on an industry-leading research effort led by Prof. Robert Jarrow over the last 3 decades.

KamakuraCo: Kamakura Risk Manager® and the KRIS® default probability and risk information service are built on an industry-leading research effort led by Prof. Robert Jarrow over the last 3 decades.

tomkmiec: Next Monday, Conservatives are forcing a vote on a motion to end travel restrictions and return service at airports and other government services to pre-pandemic levels. It's time!

dvandeventer: Kamakura Risk Manager® and the KRIS® default probability and risk information service are built on an industry-leading research effort led by Prof. Robert Jarrow over the last 3 decades.

KamakuraCo: Kamakura Risk Manager® and the KRIS® default probability and risk information service are built on an industry-leading research effort led by Prof. Robert Jarrow over the last 3 decades.

JohnathanPerk: NRA is having its annual convention in Texas this weekend. Gov. Abbot is attending. Guns are not permitted in the convention hall, per secret service, and the NRA will not be providing storage. So.. to ensure safety at the NRA’s big convention, there is a strict no guns policy.

MisterKenn0071: If They Did An Investigation They Should Already Be Able to Answer The Following Question without Talking to A Single Person From Robert Service High School.

chuckdpierce: If you were not able to join our Celebration Service, we encourage you to watch the replay and hear Robert Heidler’s teaching on the Hosts of the Lord. Join us in thanking our Commander-in-Chief who positions His Hosts on our behalf.

gziofficial: If you were not able to join our Celebration Service, we encourage you to watch the replay and hear Robert Heidler’s teaching on the Hosts of the Lord. Join us in thanking our Commander-in-Chief who positions His Hosts on our behalf.

robert_pohlman: Trump properties got almost $2 million from Secret Service, including stays at Mar-a-Lago, documents show

SpaceX: Starlink for RVs can be used anywhere Starlink provides service and is ideal for camping and other activities in rural or remote locations where internet access has been unreliable or completely unavailable →

verge: Starlink’s new RV plan lets buyers skip the line if they pay more for worse service

Mortgage_Shop: Robert searched & found 25 Mortgage Rates for £100,000 over 25 years - see the deals here:

D_Robert_Kelly: Give Up (Deluxe 10th Anniversary Edition) - The Postal Service

HCJPnews: A Celebration of Life Memorial Service celebrating the life of Pastor Robert Russell Wagner Jr., of Colusa, will be held at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, June 15 at Bethel Presbyterian Church located at 1421 Broadway Street in Hamilton. Light food and bevera…

AsHongpro: Ashok Khemka IAS who never succumbed to the pressure of his political masters has been transferred 54 times for exposing corruptions in his 29 years of service.He is widely known for cancelling the mutation of Sonia Gandhi's son in law Robert Vadra's illegal land deal in Gurgoan.

decor_Essentlz: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 star review from Robert

CREWcrew: ICYMI: We dropped a big investigation yesterday into Secret Service spending at Trump's properties. The total is far higher than previously known--nearly $2 million.

NorthvilleChamb: The Northville Chamber is sincerely grateful for the service and sacrifice of Robert Krueger. Visit Downtown Northville to see over 160 military banners throughout the month of November.⁠ Read more at

meierinc: We would like to congratulate, - Robert Montelongo 1 year at Meier! - Kendall Josephson 3 years at Meier! - Miguel Valdez 5 years at Meier! - John Walker 4 years at Meier! - Nathaniel Weinman 7 years at Meier! Thank you for your service to our customers and to us!


DildarHsn: It isn’t the mountains ahead that wear you out. It’s the grain of sand in your shoe. —Robert W. Service

career_virtual: Robert Half is looking for a Bilingual Customer Service Representative! Click here to start your career:

Mortgage_Shop: Robert searched & found 25 Mortgage Rates for £100,000 over 25 years - see the deals here:

RahulGandhi: India’s 10-lakh strong all-women ASHA workers are our pride. WHO’s award recognises their selfless service. This visionary initiative of UPA from 2005 is the lifeline of our health infra. GOI must ensure better wages and work conditions. ASHA workers deserve a life of dignity.

kevin_lang: With almost 40 years’ public service, I can think of no better person than my friend Robert Aldridge to be Edinburgh’s next Lord Provost. The fact he is attracting support from across the political divide shows how well suited he is for this role.

NYSenatorJordan: I was honored to have Halie Northrop from my staff present a NYS Liberty Medal to the family of Army Vietnam Veteran Robert Charles Starr. Thank you to Columbia County for honoring this great American & God bless Robert Starr for his lifetime of service to his nation & community.

ukfreetv: Chris SE has posted Robert France Which BBC service as you missing is it the SD channels or the HD ones Are you getting ITV Ch4 Ch5 channels ok I cant find any faults listed for the transmitter nor is it currently listed for Planned N

naiklagidotcom: “It isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out; it’s the grain of sand in your shoe.” -- Robert W. Service

ukfreetv: Robert France has posted There is no BBC in Combe Martin at present Service is not running message appears on screen

CREWcrew: The Secret Service spent at least $850,000 at Donald Trump's golf properties, $400,000 at Trump hotels, and $300,000 at Mar-a-Lago

MountsinaiUro: Mount Sinai Robert F. Smith Mobile Prostate Cancer Screening on Sunday visited The Christian Fellowship Community Service. Location: 777 Schenectady avenue Brooklyn NY. Learn more:

zetta_robert: ...Due to corruption, public deceit, fake news journalism, and political sell out. The decision is permanent and we will do everything we can to strike against and not only defund but to make sure the people responsible will be held accountable , because these are public service

MarcoGBiagi: The SNP have this morning nominated Lib Dem Cllr Robert Aldridge for Lord Provost. He's widely respected, with decades of service. As a potential administration we'll work constructively and on a cross-party basis. We believe he would be a consensus-building chair of council.

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Dante Lanzetta: I must have misremembered a closing line from a Service poem as: "And it was moonlight all the way." I've searched on it with no luck. If anyone knows the poem and title, I'd love to find it.
Dick wiklund: His works have fill in the true fleeing of my life .
mike brill: The Greatest of all.

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