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TNSLibraries: Explore paintings by African-American painter Robert S. Duncanson, whose Landscape with Rainbow was dedicated in President Biden's inauguration, with ARTstor!

StarkCountyCX: Shark Tank: Basepaws Accepts $250,000 From Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec Stark County Connections

wack_robert: All the stories, explanations, backgrounders, and excuses from anyone associated with the prior administration should be presumed to be lies in service of covering up crimes until proven definitively otherwise.

MusaliaMudavadi: Attended the burial service of the late Mama Dinah Isendi Muchelule, mother to Justice Aggrey Muchelule in Emalindi village, Khwisero Sub County. May Her Soul Rest in Peace.


REALeedsBranch: With permission from Ancre Somme FB page. Captain Robert Laurence Nairac GC “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends”

naiklagidotcom: “It isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out; it’s the grain of sand in your shoe.” -- Robert W. Service

RussellLRich2: If you're preparing for a move, watch out for these potential moving service scams! Russell Rich Real Estate Consultant MCNE, Harvard Executive Negotiation Education 813-610-6280 Robert Slack, LLC

NDude30000: I once wrote a story called "The Grisly Demise of the Salt River Trapper" based on a true story about Yukon poet Robert Service. I want to publish it one day.


KrisSpurley: Still, clear, moonlit night on the ranch. So cold, so quiet. Not even coyotes howling tonight. Reciting Robert Service poems in my head.

__k84_: to grumble, to stand fast in faith and loyalty… We estimate that by short wave alone, you as a citizen of this radio world are being assailed by 2,000 words per minute in 40-45 different languages and dialects" Robert D. Leigh, Director, Foreign Broadcast Intelligence Service

jdrwe: Today, MDHHS issued a new epidemic order allowing dine in service at restaurants, effective February 1. Then, MDHHS Director resigns, with no explanation given.

mac123_m: Remember when Corbyn wanted a publicly owned pharmaceutical company? Remember when Corbyn wanted publicly owned broadband? Remember when Corbyn wanted to abolish tuition fees & create a national education service? All might of come in handy now! Instead we have Tory cronyism!

dgardner: Robert Kennedy Jr. is doing a public service by demonstrating that intelligence, education, and privilege do not make you immune to believing conspiracist nonsense.

AlexKamillaKroy: in accordance with the task given in the manual applied... which was MAKING A COMPREHENSIVE CASE from the cover article about why [Robert Mueller] "was not imperialist enough" throughout his service;

w_terrence: The Democrats don’t want President Trump to have secret service protection, they want to put his life in danger but that’s not happening. They can’t take his protection away. Sick people

ccallannews: The Pizza Hut deliveryman has earned a reputation around Tipton, Indiana, for his devotion to customer service.

lenirobredo: Early Sat morning start here in Libmanan, Camarines Sur for the inauguration of our Shared Service Facility for farmers. So proud of the transformation of our partner farmers like Robert here who are already entrepreneurs.

welfordwrites: Be sure your wisest words are those you do not say. Robert W Service

DavidCranmerUn1: A policy of isolation was forcibly ended in the 19th century by the Opium War and the subsequent opening of treaty ports; several nations opened foreign post offices from 1844 on. In the same year, the Irishman Robert Hart developed a mail service for the Imperial Maritime

wcfcourier: WATERLOO – Robert Charles Stewart, 78, passed away January 20th at Cedar Valley Hospice Home. A visitation will occur on Sunday Jan. 24th at 2-4 p.m. at Fredsville Lutheran Church in Dike, followed by a funeral service Monday Jan. 25th…

34Unami: To be honest I can't think of a single straight bourgeois history of Stalin. The only thing that comes to mind are neocons like Robert Service and hardcore Stalin supporters like Grover Furr. He seems unique in that regard among world leaders. There's no middle ground.

mccaffreyr3: Congress poised for quick action Friday on Sec Def nominee Lloyd Austin. 41 years of global military service. Widely respected in international community. Expert grasp of every aspect of DOD. Extremely intelligent. Integrity. CALM.

DiscourserES: When I thought I could never be shocked “In the 1990s, Scottish surgeon Dr. Robert Smith amputated the legs of 2 patients at their request. While the surgery involved National Health Service staff, each patient paid nearly $6,000 for their procedures”

kokai_robert: Eaton is hiring in Budapest! Budapest Service Center (BSC) which is still going through tremendous growth we are looking talented people for various positions. What we offer: Great workplace of a global energy management company, i…

SenatorSinema: I was speaking on the Senate floor defending Arizona's election while Officer Eugene Goodman led insurrectionists away from the chamber. Forever grateful for his service to our country and his defense of democracy.

HFGroupKE: HF Group CEO Robert Kibaara and outgoing Britam Holdings CEO Dr. Benson Wairegi sign a deal that will see HF receive Kes. 1B capital injection to power growth and cement its full service banking strategy.

bennyjohnson: WOW. FROM SOURCE: “Yesterday dozens of senators and congressman walked down our lines taking photos, shaking our hands and thanking us for our service. Within 24 hours they had no further use for us and banished us to the corner of a parking garage. We feel incredibly betrayed.”

GStrategerist: But as the Korean War broke out, Robert M. Kearney was recalled to service, sped through OCS, and commissioned in the Infantry. He then shipped out to Korea.

POTUS: I give you my word: I will always level with you. I will defend the Constitution, our democracy, and America. And I will give my all in your service thinking not of power, but of possibilities.

OrnaYoung: A GP recently described to me a 5 year wait for neurology appointment in NI - and said that what we have is not a health service. How do we continue to tolerate this level of poor management and leadership? What’s the end game here?

OPEXcorporation: Working within OPEX's service department offers something for everyone. Hear from one of our field service technicians, Robert McFee, about what it's like to interact with customers, manage day-to-day tasks, and be a part of a close-knit team. Watch now:

StarkCountyCX: Shark Tank: Basepaws Accepts $250,000 From Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec Stark County Connections

robert_hiltz: Thank you Mr. Butts for your service to the nation.

GN_Fire: Thank you for 20 years of service to the community Lt. Robert Campbell!

amyklobuchar: Just checked in with the Minnesota National Guard commander. While our MN troops in D.C. were not sent to rest in any garage, what happened was appalling. While it has now been resolved, it can never happen again. We thank all the troops for their extraordinary help and service.

postandcourier: Restaurants across the country have set up outdoor seating areas in deference to municipal regulations and customer demand. Downtown Charleston chef Robert Berry has taken the format further.

Lei_Lika: Why do we have to pay for secret service for trump’s adult children, their spouses, Steve Mnuchin, Mark Meadows and Robert O’Brien for 6 months? That will cost millions but there is no money for additional stimulus checks

mattzap: And for those really into the inner workings of the Justice Department, here is the rest of the acting slate: Gerri Ratliff, Acting Director of the Community Relations Service Robert Chapman, Acting Director of Community Oriented Policing Services

thomaskaine5: Should WE THE PEOPLE pay to have Secret Service protect 14 of trump's family members post-presidency?

trinimarn: Fr Robert Christo made me laugh and cry at this funeral service yes. He somehow reminds me of Archbishop Anthony Pantin a bit, but with more volume. Andrew got a lovely sendoff.

Shrisa: “Overcoming vaccine skepticism may take more than public service appeals from celebrities, politicians and scientists, says Robert Litan, an economist affiliated with the Brookings Institution.”

BigRock69426667: In psychology when someone is paranoid, its usually because of a quilty conscience! Biden wants a new secret service detail! That tells volumes about what he would do! Robert a Manella

CaseySpinks: ...Our science may become “socialist science” or “democratic science.” The Church’s service to the world is to help prevent this. ...The Church must nurture humanity, for the sake of a society constantly threatening to become inhuman." —Robert Jenson

MarilynM: "Additionally, ABC News has learned that Trump's former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, former National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien, and former Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin are also receiving Secret Service protection beyond Trump's term." Why?

Robert__Witt: So the Commander in Chief had the Service flags removed from the oval office. Wow!

mary_chalka5: Trump also directed that three key officials leaving the government continue to receive the secret service protection for six months: Steven Mnuchin, Mark Meadows and Robert O’Brien Trump,Melania & Barron are the only ones who should be eligible.

Jim_Jordan: Thousands of Guardsmen left their families and jobs to keep the Capitol safe. And what do they get for their service? Rest breaks in cold parking garages. What a disgrace.

mattzap: The acting solicitor general is Elizabeth Prelogar. She had previously worked in the SG's office, though you might remember her better from her service on Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III's team. She most recently worked in private practice at Cooley.

politico: “Yesterday dozens of senators and congressmen walked down our lines taking photos, shaking our hands and thanking us for our service. Within 24 hours, they had no further use for us and banished us to the corner of a parking garage ...” one Guardsman said

naiklagidotcom: “It isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out; it’s the grain of sand in your shoe.” -- Robert W. Service

DukeDivAlumni: The Virtual Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service will feature three members of our alumni community:   Rev. Dr. William Barber, M.Div. 1989 Rev. Dr. Cynthia Hale, M.Div. 1979 Rev. Robert Lee, M.T.S. 2017    Let us keep them in prayer:

Frank_Schaeffer: REVEALED: Trump extended Secret Service protections to his four adult children as well as loyalists Steve Mnuchin, Mark Meadows and Robert O'Brien days before leaving office - and it will cost taxpayers hundreds of millions.

RepAndyBarr: Congratulations to President Biden and Vice President Harris. Thank you to President Trump and Vice President Pence for their service. I attended today’s inauguration with my guest, Richmond Mayor Robert Blythe and also caught up with Fed Chairman Jerome Powell.

MortarStone: Good news story of the day...When Pastor’s Bike Was Stolen, His Response Was to Start a Free Bicycle Repair Service for People in Need -

BakerLackey: So many of us are in gratitude for his service and walk beside him today

Robert_Beau: Those Secret Service Guys will shoot your ass Dead from 500 feet, they don't play.

BeschlossDC: Before leaving office, Trump extended Secret Service coverage for all of his children by six months, even though they are not under age sixteen, reports CNN.

kennethcdavis: "The fact that the land had also been the plantation home of Robert E. Lee” via National Parks Service

EStewartGroup: Here's what a happy client has to say to one of our Realtors® Robert Garcia! If you are looking for the perfect realtor who can meet your needs, a market expert and service-oriented agent, feel free to send us a message to get in touch with one of our agents today!

robert_mckean: That is so cool! Rewarded for exemplary service, instead of for blindly supporting a criminal president. We’re gonna have to get used to this :-).

ViaDolorosa2021: Biden's secretary of state Antony Blinken is a nice Jewish lad. Alongside other cool credentials, his late stepfather was Samuel Pisar, the longtime lawyer and confidant of Robert Maxwell, an agent of Israel's secret service Mossad and father of Ghislaine Maxwell.

skopal_robert: Congratulations to Joe Biden,Kamala Harris and your administration. I wish you success in service of American people and international community. I hope you will work in the interest of all people.

cbsaustin: For the first time in 35 years, Robert Falcon, owner and operator of affordable burial and cremation service in Austin and Killeen, made the decision to stop accepting new deceased calls this week.

POMandeville: Join us tomorrow night for Midweek Service as we begin four weeks of Wednesday night lessons on The Blessed Life with Robert Morris.

chinnery_robert: Council set to switch to new online service so residents will have to reset their accounts

starrybastard: the film to Robert De Niro in Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver. In 2005, Mikkelsen portrayed an "unorthodox country vicar" named Ivan who challenges a neo-Nazi (Ulrich Thomsen) who has been sentenced to community service to bake an apple pie in Adam's Apples.

deletedbyMPs: DT Sir Robert Syms MP: RT Prof Ellen Townsend: ‘Figures obtained by the Health Service Journal, which the BBC understands are correct, suggest just over 80% of beds ar…

Hawaiicar: 1/13/2018 , 5.0 Stars on Google by Robert Guillermo:

rengels11: Robert Bales murdered civilians in Afghanistan. A pardon would be a slap in the face to every service member

WHNSC45: (3/3) "Our soldiers sailors airmen marines guardians & coast-guardsman, including our reservists and national guardsmen, are the backbone of our national security. These men and women have our heartfelt appreciation for their service." –NSA Robert C. O’Brien

Robert_Purse: Perhaps the NHS needs to advise people what A&E is for? Perhaps GPs need to return to the real world? Delivering a 9 to 6 service (closed for lunch & weekends) for 4.5 days a week isn't good enough.

dfwdallas: THE Power of Positive Thinking in the face of Adversity? The Bell of the Ball has cracks that may render it beyond repair, reconsideration, or return to service ~ Ravens waive Robert Griffin III: Will former star QB get another NFL shot?

robert_guidetti: Marie Ortiz,Thku for service and love! You are great Civil Rights leader!

BlackMooseChim: "Great people and service!" Robert G. - Facebook Review Black Moose Chimney & Stove (603) 525-7905 128 Concord Street, Antrim, NH

FiveStarSvcCo: Great review from Robert... "amazing and quick service as always"

kylegriffin1: Punchbowl News: Biden has quietly invited members of the congressional leadership from both parties to attend church with him on Wednesday AM. The service will take place at St. Matthew's in D.C. Attendees include Nancy Pelosi, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, and Chuck Schumer.

simoncoles: Robert Peston doing the nation a great service making naps socially acceptable

sean_write: Replay: 1967 New Orleans R&B tune "Secret Service (Makes Me Nervous)" by saxophonist/vocalist Robert Parker. B-Side on the single "Yak Yak Yak". On Parker's anthology The Wardell Quezergue Sessions.

MagnusHealth: Congratulations to Magnus Frontline Hero and Director of Safety and Security/Leader of the Covid-19 Team, Robert Rappoport, nominated for commitment and service to Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart!

SlatteryNYDN: Cuomo Budget Director Robert Mujica says state will restore "most" of the funds withheld from social service providers and schools. While 20% was held back throughout the year, 15% will be restored.

JimmyVielkind: NEWS: NYS Budget director Robert Mujica said that in the next few months, the state will restore funds that it withheld to municipalities, social service providers and schools. In some cases 20% was withheld; 15% will be paid back for an overall 5% cut.

CaslonRichard: A special shout out to our friend Louis DeJoy over at the postal service. Don't think what happened at the Capitol diverted our attention away from your attempt to screw up our elections. You are still high on the "To Prosecute" list. We will not forget you.

TedGenoways: As long as we're getting teary-eyed about poetry and the idea of quiet service, here's a video about Robert Hayden's essential poem "Those Winter Sundays," including commentary from Biden.

AAHPM: We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Robert M. Taylor, MD FAAHPM and past Ethics SIG Community Leader. Thank you for your years of service. Rest in peace.

Sudifoodie: For once Robert Peston view is worth considering: PM is after political goals & less Covid death certificates as much as truly safeguarding health service. Alarming that highest % in intensive care are in my age group.

artist_reynolds: Portrait of a Man, possibly Mr Robert Pigott of Chetwynd, Joshua Reynolds

Craig4P: If you live in Pollok you could be the next best thing to Robert the Bruce. Now isn't quite the day, but it's coming soon. Send Humza away to think again. Vote Labour in Pollok. Ditch this character. You'll be doing the whole country a service.

BriMalandro: That’s funny cause Robert Sheehan phone number still in service

dereckapurnell: the united states has convinced do many people that MLK day is a day of service. MLK wasn't interested in "service," he was interested in the redistribution of wealth to render poverty obsolete. Less service, more redistribution

iwbTO: Meet Heather Daam-Rossi, a longtime friend of the IwB. From September - November, Heather, along with Simon Mhanna and Robert Giusti, taught the Product, Systems and Service Design course. To learn more visit:

Robert_Hunter2: Your potential customer doesn't care about the features included in your service, they only care about getting results. Sell your service based on the results you will get and not how many features it has!

TowsonU: "Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?" - Martin Luther King, Jr. Join us in reflecting today not only on his life, but on how we can all be of service to one another.

OwenWintersgill: Interesting essay by Robert Hockett (a potential pick missed by Biden):

JoyceWhiteVance: Call me suspicious but I don't buy Barr's reputation laundering claim he didn't expect Trump to go off the rails. Barr got the AG job on the promise Trump wouldn't be prosecuted for obstruction & he perverted the criminal justice system in Trump's service.

VancouverSelfSt: So nice to hear from HAPPY CUSTOMERS, thank you for the positive feedback. "Thanks very much for you service. Always efficient, cheerful & accessible. Will definitely recommend Vancouver Self Storage and use them again when the occasion arises." ~Robert K. photo Yogendra Singh

SPFProud: Thank you to all who made today's Scotch Plains Fanwood MLK Day of Service a call to make our communities a better place for ALL!

Movie_Details: Men of Honor(2000), Robert DeNiro’s character Master Chief PO Billy Sunday has 7 service stripes on the sleeve of his dress uniform. Service stripes indicate length of service, 1 for every 4 yrs and are red, but awarded as gold when those years are free …

DominiqueBandet: When Pastor’s Bike Was Stolen, His Response Was to Start a Free Bicycle Repair Service for People in Need

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Dante Lanzetta: I must have misremembered a closing line from a Service poem as: "And it was moonlight all the way." I've searched on it with no luck. If anyone knows the poem and title, I'd love to find it.
Dick wiklund: His works have fill in the true fleeing of my life .
mike brill: The Greatest of all.

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