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StevenBeschloss: William Barr’s lying and his hostility toward justice itself in his service to Trump is a disgrace. I will never understand what possesses a man to exit semi-retirement to commit such damage to our democracy and to the American principle of equality under the law.

InstituteGC: Tony Blair: “Before the country falls for the new promise, I ask it to recall the old promises… They promised £350m more every week for our health service & instead we have an NHS in crisis”

CtStarAuto: 12/1/2019 , 5.0 Stars on Google by Robert Foster:

barlow_robert: U.K. Health Service Poses a Late Election Issue for Boris Johnson

BrianMajor5: Robert Dyas and their shocking customer service. 90 minutes and counting. .

Robert_Purse: There should always be a place for an impartial & objective public service broadcaster. The BBC's biggest problem is that it has lost the country's trust in its impartiality & objectivity. Pay-per-View may be a partial answer, making impartiality a legal requirement would help.

jervyfermin: When you received a not-so-good service, remember that you too have some days when you’re not able to give your best shot. Let’s choose to be kind anyway. We don’t know what could that person is going through with his/her personal life, but still showed up for his/her work.

AmandiOnAir: Imagine you were to suddenly discover that an entity was purposely contaminating the public discourse & poisoning the public environment with toxic lies designed to pit American against American in service of our greatest foreign enemy. Now imagine that entity is named Fox News.

EricHolthaus: Australia is burning. Downtown Sydney was partially evacuated due to the smoke. Ferry service was cancelled due to low visibility. Fire alarms are randomly going off inside buildings. Schools are keeping children inside. This is a climate emergency.

JBA_INFINITI: "Excellent service every time I go to JBA.." says ROBERT, via BIZINGA

MainThingRadio: Pastor Robert Fountain shares a message about the idea that "all things are allowed, but not everything is helpful." Do you have habits that might be getting in the way of your walk with Jesus?

NWLibertyNews: Would a Member of Washington's Senior Executive Service roll on another member too hard? Not Likely SES: members include Inspector General Michael Horowitz, Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller, James Comey, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok

RGrgach: ★★★★★ "Robert gave me excellent service and excellent product. This dragon mini is highly recommended. Super detail. Great product and a professional business. Thanks Macpherson Minis!" torpted27

GraveneyHistory: Many thanks to Robert Service for his lecture today. A huge help to our A level students and a privilege to meet such an influential historian.

ancapquotes: "Whoring is like military service... okay in the upper brackets, not so good lower down." - Robert A. Heinlein

naiklagidotcom: “It isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out; it’s the grain of sand in your shoe.” -- Robert W. Service

nebrbar: Help us recognize the amazing pro bono and public service work being done throughout the state by nominating a lawyer for the Robert M. Spire Award or an NLF Visionary Award. Nominations are due December 27th. Click here for more details:

RubinReport: It’s not just conservatives, it’s anyone who dare has a non-woke thought. Twitter is putting shadowbanning directly in their Terms of Service in the new year. Election manipulation is here. We created

themommyhook: Netflix said "The Irishman," starring Robert De Niro, was viewed by 26.4 million households in its first week on the streaming service.

Trump_Scandal: October 2019: Reporting revealed that a $33 million contract from the US Marshal Service had been awarded in June to CertiPath, a company owned by a firm in which Robert S. Trump, Trump’s younger brother, has a financial stake.

seoblognews: Bad News: 10 Ways a Bad Review Can Impact Your Business - by Robert Clough Gone are the days when customers had to go through a long process to launch a complaint whenever they were not satisfied with a service or product. Thanks to the digital world, …

historylvrsclub: US naval personnel gathered around a mail clerk during mail call at an unidentified location in the Pacific Theater during the Second World War. Mail continues to be a critical morale builder for America's military service members (ca. 1944).

RobertWService: Many thank for following Robert W. Service's page and to share the rhymes of his poetry!

40_south: We are sad to announce that Robert Bradkorp of Huron has passed. A, devoted member of Grande du South Dakota. Pray for strength to the family. Thank you sir for your service to this country.

EmainXchange: Mark Ruffalo &Robert Bilott On The Film 'Dark Waters'

nwtdirect: Thinking about buying The "Victoria" 2 Column 760mm (H) Traditional Victorian Cast Iron Radiator (3 to 30 Sections Wide) - Choose your Finish? Read our

NeilDrysdale: The memorial service will take place on Thursday, December 19, and be attended by three descendants of Titanic helmsman Robert Hichens! New memorial will be unveiled to controversial Titanic helmsman Robert Hichens in Aberdeen…

YourServiceDog: A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you can have that in your life, things won’t be too bad. —Robert Wagner

DCforMore: Don’t miss TMSOA member John Higgins return to read his favorite poem, “Cremation of Sam Magee” by Robert Service, again at our poetry party this Wednesday!

ChurchBelfast: Some pics from our recent Memorial Service for Rev Tom Banham. The recently appointed Banham Music Scholars; our new Musician in Residence, Tanya Houghton; members of the church choir; and visiting clergy, including the Clerk of the NSPCI, Rev Robert McKee and Rev Dr David Steers

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Sing, sweet Harp, oh sing to me
Some song of ancient days,
Whose sounds, in this sad memory,
Long-buried dreams shall raise; --
Some lay that tells of vanish'd fame,
Whose light once round us shone,
Of noble pride, now turn'd to shame,
And hopes for ever gone.

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