A Song Of Success Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Ho we were strong we were swift we were braveA
Youth was a challenge and Life was a fightB
All that was best in us gladly we gaveA
Sprang from the rally and leapt for the heightB
Smiling is Love in a foam of Spring flowersC
Harden our hearts to him on let us pressD
Oh what a triumph and pride shall be oursC
See where it beacons the star of successD
Cares seem to crowd on us so much to doE
New fields to conquer and time's on the wingF
Grey hairs are showing a wrinkle or twoE
Somehow our footstep is losing its springF
Pleasure's forsaken us Love ceased to smileG
Youth has been funeralled Age travels fastH
Sometimes we wonder is it worth whileG
There we have gained to the summit at lastH
Aye we have triumphed Now must we hasteI
Revel in victory why what is wrongJ
Life's choicest vintage is flat to the tasteI
Are we too late Have we laboured too longJ
Wealth power fame we hold ah but the truthK
Would we not give this vain glory of oursC
For one mad glad year of glorious youthK
Life in the Springtide and Love in the flowersC

Robert Service


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