In time reflected moments become a stream,
when individuality touches that perfect seem.
Captivated by joyous harmony that sound,
improvised texture within is found.
Pure utterances giving that feel a relief,
music in itself and its belief.
The impeccable moment in backwards jump,
when speed of ball and foot at sums.
Scoring the necessity at brilliant once,
the relief in ecstasy that stunts.
The soul that raises all euphoria of joy,
trailing glory touching tears employ.
Words of sentiment that provide,
heavens infancy open ever wide.
Behold that touch in memories close,
tangible ecstasy whence it flows.
Observed in its embracing deliverance,
visions by splendid equivalence.
Magic and perseverance filling its lap,
with pleasure by her own natural map.
Behold that captured frame of bliss,
dreams that come with awaken kiss.
Filling from time to time a human stage,
when a person reaches beyond all age.
Delight and liberty worthy to be blessed,
touching sources above all the best.