The Illuminati Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


From the book of revelation the warning is clearA
people will be deceived in worshipping the master of fearA
Predicted in scripture to lead most into loosing their salvationB
when false Gods are the symbol of appreciationB
The mysteries order is formed on a cosmic lineC
symbolic language by constellation and numbers refineC
Religious manipulators erecting the controlling act with obelisksD
making sure that the secret act enriches ego s little fanaticsD
Most ridicule and initiated great concern to serveE
the greater good of hierarchy as best deserveE
The blasphemous doctrine that one can reach perfectionB
through higher spheres of knowledge perceptionB
Hermetic books as such proofed to be fraudF
and even the Kabalah is a medley of absurdity still taughtG
Freemasonry lodge meetings by so called masters in disguiseD
then darkness like death is the symbol of initiation of blinded wiseD
Since Masonic Presidents Governors and Senators making lawH
the Roman Catholic Church has its perfect power drawH
The phallic symbol of Osiris at St Peter s square at the VaticanB
throwing an ancient shadow as predicted practicumI
The wicked have to forsake the spiritual sanctumI
not ever understanding the divine abundance factumI
All pseudonym facts lose their colour in the face of truthJ
boundaries of limitation and capital conventionality to soothJ

Robert Rittel
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 09/26/2020


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