Have been accused that the splendor of love has my praise,
constant change and its stimulation for the awaken days.
The longing, the calm, the touch and its astonishment,
illimitable desires, its creative expression and still content.
The many excuses and fears to cheat despair,
to know the madness to take the motion to bear.
Promised eternal love to cross that dark of life,
lovers eyes speak in that voluptuous light of strife.
Remembered potion of my beam in constellation,
embracing souls and glowing emancipation.
Immortal praise for all tenderness is given,
the inenarrable senses all driven.
The queen of love beaconed in dreamer’s nights,
cause of attraction’s magnificence.
Celestial loyalties in timeless sphere,
soothing away the troubles everywhere.
Holding the bond that made love to trust,
sacramental echoes of stardust.
Awake above the ego’s cry without doubt,
redeeming will humble allowed.
My waning intemperate indulgence not to blame,
unsheathed reality for the constant new again.
Possessions through the act of memory,
spectrums in light of progressive immortality.