The individual in the inexorable flow of time,
certain miracles of nature never be the same.
Patterns of needs and response are created,
touching the mysteries of natures integrity related.
Revealing the whole of which one is part,
integral completeness as time perspective art.
If you are born at night your eyes eclipse the day,
full moon people are social light so to say.
Whereas the darkest nights have always new potential,
struggling to see things through eventually.
Sun rise children are deeply profound,
while those before twilight are spiritual sound.
Noon born like to take leadership at will,
evening souls enjoy the panoramic view in still.
The days and planets names set the tone for amorous flings,
especially when Monday causes trouble from trivial things.
Our humble providence all part of the celestial fair,
through the season of years in glorious care.
With that manifesting the duality of time and space,
from oneself as light spirit by the divine grace.