The brief look from you became that dreamy cloud,
free of prejudice in silence, not as my usual mental loud.
I knew that I will find refuge in your loving harmony,
feelings when sentiment in words are lost with certainty.
The image of colorful fragrance, taste and familiarity,
trusting portal of expanding imagination and its clarity.
Enchanting third dimensions and subtle inner region,
preciousness changes the heart and sincerities legion.
The longing that discovers new wings of beauty,
when mental eye speaks that touch of selfless duty.
Dissolving virtue in that light of pure reflection,
rising waves of desire and change of sphere detection.
Dewdrops on a flower for a hungry soul and mind,
I have known you from a previous life, sort of kind.
The answer of that vision proofs itself by filling the dots,
loving promise awaken when one emancipate those karmic knots.