The swelling and sailing moon,
reflection mirrored in still water opportune.
That transfiguring element of rising lunatic,
by heaven’s circuit of stars so quick.
Gentle light beyond all comprehension,
sacred dwelling in celestial ascension.
Gathered gentle hues in playful gaze,
more faint stars appear in this haze.
The muse of deep feelings curates this stream,
provoking that fondly image seem.
Endeavors from the echo of inward light,
creating the path of tender bright.
Natural instinct to fine discern,
memories that needed not to learn.
Necessities to proceed and receive,
the soul to abate compassion believe.
The state in tempted perfect still,
and guardian of all completeness to fill.
Reawaken from sleep and forgetting,
souls that rise within that splendid setting.
Perpetual benediction through mirrored ember,
natures way of affections to remember.