Wave particle duality harmonic,
electromagnetic mean ratio subsonic.
Cohorts gravity gleaming in purple gold,
light forces and its tenacious sensuous fold.
Purring cat in transcendent stage on my chest,
the eyes of the sleeper gently suggest.
Heart by knowledge heaved now in still,
spheres of the free flowing will.
Your smiling eyes in mental frame,
changing perception never anymore the same.
Memories in subtle dance unconfined.
desires in simple pleasures all sleep denied.
To chase the glowing hours with every nuance,
sensing woven dreams by reason outrance.
Lingering like the perfect day lone night,
stimulated images is the love story all right.
The unbodied joy and its spiral fire,
like forming galaxies and its spectrum to admire.
By brilliant dark white dawn clear,
hardly to see but feeling it is there.
Frequencies the sustaining earth and air,
morning rains out its beams leaving no one spare.
Presence as conducting vibrating molecule,
freewill and loving soul choice secret hour to renew.