As the bride cries before the wedding so much,
the groom many years later, as such.
Better asking twice before loosing at once,
male river water feeding ocean female eloquence.
That sea of motions influences the river,
spawning spores and the flow to deliver.
The pleasing role to submit by natures order,
to keep motions of water in needed boarder.
Delta downstream where the sweet meets the salty bitter,
male and female twilight dance and glitter.
Tides of menstruation circles turning to heat,
forces of spirit matter and its sublimity beat.
Adams rip taken to draw the new moon,
creation that flows through the female cocoon.
The silver cup with little golden eggs,
weaving heavens scent into gentle heads.
Natures diplomatic respected fire,
kindled by admiration from mountain higher.
To discover the heart is the greatest initiation,
life is time and death is its dividing appreciation.