That smile with those eyes all so bright,
the transparent soul with ropes of a kite.
Grace in artful hands and that erotic tiptoe,
sensuous words of wondering so.

Blessed time to foretell by pose in act,
when all men can feel free in fact.
Hymns, ohms and dance that never cease,
flowing silk in momentums grace of peace.

Incensed air in dusk of evening sky,
with a crisp tingling sense to spy.
Deep still to observe in that gilding stream,
her innocent meaning and playful teasing seem.

Sweet temptation and its shadows flying by,
racing temperature and startled eye.
Hearing your voice from other mental shore,
all fantasy and cold sweat no more.

Like the swell of some melodic song,
the smile of truth on my lips of being wrong.
The heart in dew of youth will steal,
leaving scars remembered long ago to heal.

In that smile, choices lighten up the heart,
horizons at shores of subtle definitions art.