The passion to know and happy nature to explore,
and the wealth of information to wonder no more.
When excess of new info spreading dodgy facts,
adding confusion to amplify the mass hysterical acts.
Falsehoods whizzing by finger snatching speed,
curbing the infodemic with a sensation seed.
Infobesity the gorging online information state,
debilitating overload and advertising hunger gate.
The muse of media so quick in poetic verse,
headlines shooting stars through every data device.
Those fair procrastinations to set as they must,
consecrated fame sensation at all cost.
To become aware and obtain some guilt with fear,
labeled consciences and prestige recognition sphere.
Confused minds and the find fit instrument of ill,
pretense’s attention to bend that illusive will.
Spam province tending the utopian fair,
tempting, pleasing and promising glorious care.
Imprisoned delusion and poor integrity void,
detaining labyrinths to keep slaves attached to android.
Keeping humanity malleable for controlling sake,
context in common sense as caring maintaining fake.