In times of challenge to confine,
changes speak many sentences in rhyme.
The deserving comfort to all one knows,
depth of wishes and its protection vows.
Courage takes the path unbeaten,
resilient integrity repeating.
Responsibilities is providing,
great souls waves riding.
The shadow is apparent but not existent,
belonging to the soul returns persistence.
The imperfect self from obscure image,
in order, to realize divine knowledge.
Evolution of relationship to become just,
truth and courage in need of some fairy dust.
Manifested tolerance is forgiveness,
that love it is, which heals the heart relentless.
Sweet and false politeness are imitation jewels,
admiration shows itself by respect acknowledges.
The heart responding to soul and comfort,
creatures habit and power depend of sort.
Nothing that is an accidental by situation,
life works toward progression relation.
Before one can know the truth in fact,
the life of truth becomes its impact.