Celestial sphere by sums explained,
numbers in melodic scale referred.
Trines in building block of expression,
energies and its obsessions.

The 27 club of famous death,
and the rock n roll loving it.
Jimmy Hendrix and Brian Jones,
Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison.

Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain,
time of death at 27 all the same.
Karmic edge of all Mars energies,
rights of passage time memories.

Self-destructive energy of the warrior,
facing death and its tragic behavior.
Mars skills to perform on the other hand,
bringing new worlds into command.

Process of generations against conformities,
speaking for the searching truth relatives.
27 or 9 when added, 3 nines multiplied,
in fight for that freedom sacrificed.

The dire soul of sorrow in expression,
seeks life through death as session.
Immortality closer to become,
messages from where their sang.