True Self: Living Bipolar Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


It looks like you've been smiling for too longA
Can't control your own selfB
People don't know who you really areC
Cause you are different when it comes to the outside worldD
Cause you can't control your selfB
Every day turns a day RightE
But mine's differentF
Cause I am differentF
Different from what you seeG
Different from what you've expectedH
You thought that I am the person that you're talking toI
Smiling and laughing with youI
Acting weirdly about things that don't existJ
But you are wrongA
I don't know who that isK
Living with Bipolar disorderL
Is a constant nightmareM
Extreme mood swings every day and nightE
Depression equips up on you quietlyG
You're telling yourself its temporary and it'll pass but it does notN
You suddenly find yourself to a different personO
Not knowing that its not youI
But then you realized and regret itP
You may get some helpQ
Or attempt suicideR

Richmond Gellez
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/18/2019


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Richmond Gellez: Thank you! I'll try
Richmond Gellez: Thank you so much! yah more metaphors, but its not the way it is, bc its supposed to be a Spoken Poetry... This was one of my first Poetries during my depression a years ago... yet I wasn't still good from making any poetries there.... but now things has changed I made 50+ poetries about depression, and they are more likely to be metaphorical....

here's my sample,

The skies above comforted thee
For all these years, that I could see
Shining down between my safe haven,
Through forth what's below worth savin'.

Oh Sky within the moon!
I worship your beauty
For Your Light above cleanses thy room.
Between your shimmering beauty.

Is it good? thank you so much again for your comment :))
Mmasetshaba: I Love it.
And I love how you so specific in it.
try using more metaphors to cause some curiosity towards the reader . trust me it's good

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