Christian, come closer, come closer
There is a lot to discover.

The book i give you,
is not here to please you,
But rather in a way, here to serve you.
It is here to present and give your needs
But not so much to feed your greeds.

In it you will discover
A life so full of wonder
You would have to ponder
About this mighty Creator.

I'll give you a little clue
All you have to do
Is read a little while longer.

The paradox revealed
In this elaborate spiel
A prophecy come to fruition
By succeeding in His mission.
The Lord Jesus Christ
Was subject to the Fathers might...

There He hung on a tree,
You see, it was just for you and me...

... then, on the third day Jesus rose again
To show death who had the final say.
The glorious Son of God returning,
With a magnificent stirring.

This is the final plea
Understand that it is free
He did it, all for you and me.