Welcome to this beautiful life,
There will be beauty and love but also pain and strife.
With life comes a free gift of two lenses, (world views if you like)
Its up to you to choose which hook you will bite.

The delicious worm that is on the first hook,
baits you to swim closer to have a good look.

Strange you might say, that good fortune like this can come your way.

Then BAM!

In an instant you have strayed.
Now seeing the world through a negative view,
There is a lot going on and a lot to chew.

Its not all bad though,
Your flesh will quite enjoy the show.
Swearing and slander makes you feel grander,
Aggressive authority makes you top priority.

Then you realize you're actually despised. Without a constant review of your life, you will surely demise.
Renewing your mind will certainly crush your pride
But yet there is no better stride.

You will realize that doing this on your own is just impossible,
Now you have switched your lens and its just incredible.

You look at the mountains in wonder
Does your strength come from the mountains you ponder?
No it comes from Jesus, the one who created the heavens and the mountains.

Once you realize this
You enter into bliss
For this moment not without suffering and pain
All you need to do is remain
In the loving arms of our heavenly Father.