When did it become so hard to share good news?
As if it didn't matter to distorted views
If you were caught by surprise
How would you devise
A plan so quickly
Thats usually way to sticky

Just spit it out man,
Jesus is Lord and THE God_man

Nowhere has there been news any greater
That Jesus is our Lord and savior
Again, how then, did it become so difficult to share The good news?

What do you say to a perishing soul?
You give them the story in a whole.
That sinners, they are indeed
And they need to be set free.
That the wages of sin is death
But our freedom was paid with a death,
With no other exception
Our king had been resurrected,
Overcame death
So that we can have life
Without strife

Guaranteed freedom, even with a stain of a crime,
Is that not just sublime?

That is the point of my message
To hear the gospel is a privilege
The word gospel means good news,
So put on your shoes,
The shoes that bring the peace of the good news
And present the present.
A gift to humanity
Better than any salary

Take this knowledge
Pack it in your luggage
And distribute wherever you go.
Take it as the crow flies,
But don't forget the scenic skies
Bring glory and honor
To no one other
Than Jesus Christ our King.