Ohh dear dear wine
When I sit to take sip I shine
The world beneath my feet
Do sense abort
And whole sky 360 dizzy
When I take a sip walk clumzy
With a bite to talk slight
And with fear of babble
Senseless talk umcontrolable

It takes me to the new world
Where everything I could afford
When I take a sip makes me mute
Or till kick talk a lot
And when wine kick
The next day im sick
Then it becomes usual
And looks everthing normal

In drinks I become stronger
Still next day last hangover
When it is excess a glass seems two
And to take a sip Friends woo
All say in a intoxication
Comes out confession
No need to visit church
When you have sip all preach
When I have a sip Im rich

No not at all tension
Sometimes im in action
Oh When I have sip
I walk clumzy , tongue slip
And frequent pee, Or few weep
And Some do tease
Or stress release
Ohh dear wine makes me whine
How beautiful ! you make me shine