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Budding Writer ...Rayba Tanaji Saindane M.A. B.ED. English NET/ SET - English Assistant Professor ...
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  • School Days
    Let's be Ecentric
    Let's do something ecentric
    Ask me anything
    For it, my answer will be nothing ...
  • Mother....
    Why you left me all alone mother....
    Mother ...the dream you gave ...
    Is to complete ...
    You taught me to fly and fight ...
  • Bel Beloved
    Simple she like flower dew
    When she laugh dimple glow
    Black mole on left cheek
    Lips pink seek to drink ...
  • Powerful Time
    Walk sometimes by shore bare footed
    See sometimes setting sun
    has surrendered to saffron
    The sun once overhead ...
  • Doesnt Matter To Whom Your Future Belong
    My love as phoenix
    Crazy crush consider my coax
    Waiting for you as wind, never end
    As wind rewind, thoughts for you get renewed ...
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Face 1 India 1 Gaze 1 Avoid 1 Talk 1 Visit 1 Elegant 1 Condition 1 Emotion 1 Morning 1

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Sunil kalal: Nice work Sirrrr...

Chatur: Good one dear friend !!

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