A smiling moon is a hearts desire ,
But eclipses are what make it worth ,
O forlorn night why do you despair?
Your deepest sorrow is your prettiest attire.

A wintery apple is an eye's appeal,
But fiery sun is what makes it ripe ,
O motherly tree why don't you reveal ?
Your greatest hatred is worth your life .

Life is but a bush of roses ,
The thorns are what make it special ,
The one who is pricked by these ,
Knows what fragrance the rose possesses.

Bad days come and go like wind ,
Our will decides how strong they are ,
A tree is thrown by thousand storms ,
But look how they regrow so strong .

We don't grow by our ages ,
Our building blocks are the damages ,
Failures don't define what we are ,
They just calculate the distance to success.