Our Choice, Our Plight Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Once betrothed and married outA
Rebelled we against our husbandsB
Wanting to be married outA
To men of our choices and brandsC
We struggled we strived we foughtD
And with perseverance we stood our standsC
Yesterday we were happily marriedE
Happily married to our choiced menF
Men we all once claimed were our prideG
Men that make us on our own fendH
In our new homes we table our plightsC
Without no one willing to defendH
Today search the streets go to the market placesC
Enter homes visit the palacesC
Are we taken for grantedI
Or are we considered unwantedJ
The once ever lovely wife now bruises her choiceC
The once happy brides now bitter wivesC
Who is next The landlords wonderK
Could it be me or another neighborK
They all bitterly complainL
With no one to better explainL
Most wives now disdainL
Because none can ever restrainL
If this be our price for choosing our own husbandsC
Then we'd better remained betrothedJ

Peter Nchumba Biligrini

Poet's note: The poem is about the African's quest for Independence over colonization.


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