Once betrothed and married out
Rebelled we against our husbands
Wanting to be married out
To men of our choices and brands
We struggled, we strived, we fought
And with perseverance, we stood our stands

Yesterday we were happily married
Happily married to our choiced men
Men we all once claimed were our pride
Men that makes us on our own fend
In our new homes we table our plights
Without no one willing to defend

Today, search the streets, go to the market places
Enter homes, visit the palaces
Are we taken for granted...
Or are we considered unwanted?
The once ever lovely wife, now bruises her choice
The once happy brides, now bitter wives

Who is next? The landlords wonder.
Could it be me or another neighbor?
They all bitterly complain
With no one to better explain
Most wives now disdain
Because none can ever restrain

If this be our price for choosing our own husbands
Then we'd better remained betrothed.