The Solitary Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Dar st thou amid the varied multitudeB
To live alone an isolated thingC
To see the busy beings round thee springC
And care for none in thy calm solitudeB
A flower that scarce breathes in the desert rudeB
To Zephyr s passing wingC
Not the swart Pariah in some Indian groveD
Lone lean and hunted by his brother s hateE
Hath drunk so deep the cup of bitter fateE
As that poor wretch who cannot cannot loveF
He bears a load which nothing can removeG
A killing withering weightE
He smiles 'tis sorrow's deadliest mockeryH
He speaks the cold words flow not from his soulI
He acts like others drains the genial bowlI
Yet yet he longs although he fears to dieA
He pants to reach what yet he seems to flyA
Dull life's extremest goalI

Percy Bysshe Shelley


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