Hellas. A Lyrical Drama Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


It is the day when all the sons of GodB
Wait in the roofless senate house whose floorC
Is Chaos and the immovable abyssD
Frozen by His steadfast word to hyalineE
The shadow of God and delegateF
Of that before whose breath the universeG
Is as a print of dewH
Hierarchs and kingsI
Who from your thrones pinnacled on the pastJ
Sway the reluctant present ye who sitK
Pavilioned on the radiance or the gloomL
Of mortal thought which like an exhalationE
Steaming from earth conceals the of heavenE
Which gave it birth assemble hereM
Before your Father's throne the swift decreeA
Yet hovers and the fiery incarnationE
Is yet withheld clothed in which it shallN
The fairest of those wandering isles that gemP
The sapphire space of interstellar airQ
That green and azure sphere that earth enwrappedK
Less in the beauty of its tender lightK
Than in an atmosphere of living spiritK
Which interpenetrating all theR
it rolls from realm to realmS
And age to age and in its ebb and flowT
Impels the generationsU
To their appointed placeV
Whilst the high ArbiterW
Beholds the strife and at the appointed timeX
Sends His decrees veiled in eternalO
Within the circuit of this pendent orbY
There lies an antique region on which fellZ
The dews of thought in the world's golden dawnE
Earliest and most benign and from it sprungA2
Temples and cities and immortal formsB2
And harmonies of wisdom and of songC2
And thoughts and deeds worthy of thoughts so fairQ
And when the sun of its dominion failedK
And when the winter of its glory cameD2
The winds that stripped it bare blew on and sweptK
That dew into the utmost wildernessesB2
In wandering clouds of sunny rain that thawedK
The unmaternal bosom of the NorthE2
Haste sons of God for ye beheldK
Reluctant or consenting or astonishedK
The stern decrees go forth which heaped on GreeceB2
Ruin and degradation and despairQ
A fourth now waits assemble sons of GodK
To speed or to prevent or to suspendK
If as ye dream such power be not withheldK
The unaccomplished destinyA
your Garnett yon Forman DowdenE
The curtain of the UniverseB2
Is rent and shatteredK
The splendour winged worlds disperseB2
Like wild doves scatteredK
Space is roofless and bareQ
And in the midst a cloudy shrineE
Dark amid thrones of lightK
In the blue glow of hyalineE
Golden worlds revolve and shineE
In flightK
From every point of the InfiniteK
Like a thousand dawns on a single nightK
The splendours rise and spreadK
And through thunder and darkness dreadK
Light and music are radiatedK
And in their pavilioned chariots ledK
By living wings high overheadK
The giant Powers moveF2
Gloomy or bright as the thrones they fillG2
A chaos of light and motionE
Upon that glassy oceanE
The senate of the Gods is metK
Each in his rank and station setK
There is silence in the spacesB2
Lo Satan Christ and MahometK
Start from their placesB2
Almighty FatherW
Low kneeling at the feet of DestinyE
There are two fountains in which spirits weepH2
When mortals err Discord and Slavery namedK
And with their bitter dew two DestiniesB2
Filled each their irrevocable urns the thirdK
Fiercest and mightiest mingled both and addedK
Chaos and Death and slow Oblivion's lymphI2
And hate and terror and the poisoned rainE
The Aurora of the nations By this browJ2
Whose pores wept tears of blood by these wide woundsB2
By this imperial crown of agonyE
By infamy and solitude and deathK2
For this I underwent and by the painE
Of pity for those who would for meE
The unremembered joy of a revengeL2
For this I felt by Plato's sacred lightK
Of which my spirit was a burning morrowT
By Greece and all she cannot cease to beE
Her quenchless words sparks of immortal truthM2
Stars of all night her harmonies and formsB2
Echoes and shadows of what Love adoresB2
In thee I do compel thee send forth FateK
Thy irrevocable child let her descendK
A seraph winged Victory arrayedK
In tempest of the omnipotence of GodK
Which sweeps through all thingsB2
From hollow leagues from Tyranny which armsB2
Adverse miscreeds and emulous anarchiesB2
To stamp as on a winged serpent's seedK
Upon the name of Freedom from the stormN2
Of faction which like earthquake shakes and sickensB2
The solid heart of enterprise from allO2
By which the holiest dreams of highest spiritsB2
Are stars beneath the dawnE
She shall ariseB2
Victorious as the world arose from ChaosB2
And as the Heavens and the Earth arrayedK
Their presence in the beauty and the lightK
Of Thy first smile O Father as they gatherW
The spirit of Thy love which paves for themP
Their path o'er the abyss till every sphereP2
Shall be one living Spirit so shall GreeceB2
Be as all things beneath the empyreanE
Mine Art thou eyeless like old DestinyE
Thou mockery king crowned with a wreath of thornsB2
Whose sceptre is a reed the broken reedK
Which pierces thee whose throne a chair of scornE
For seest thou not beneath this crystal floorC
The innumerable worlds of golden lightK
Which are my empire and the least of themP
which thou wouldst redeem from meE
Know'st thou not them my portionE
Or wouldst rekindle the strifeQ2
Which our great Father then did arbitrateK
Which he assigned to his competing sonsB2
Each his apportioned realmS
Thou DestinyE
Thou who art mailed in the omnipotenceB2
Of Him who tends thee forth whate'er thy taskR2
Speed spare not to accomplish and be mineE
Thy trophies whether Greece again becomeS2
The fountain in the desert whence the earthT2
Shall drink of freedom which shall give it strengthU2
To suffer or a gulf of hollow deathK2
To swallow all delight all life all hopeV2
Go thou Vicegerent of my will no lessB2
Than of the Father's but lest thou shouldst faintK
The winged hounds Famine and PestilenceB2
Shall wait on thee the hundred forked snakeW2
Insatiate Superstition still shallN
The earth behind thy steps and War shall hoverW
Above and Fraud shall gape below and ChangeX2
Shall flit before thee on her dragon wingsB2
Convulsing and consuming and I addK
Three vials of the tears which daemons weepH2
When virtuous spirits through the gate of DeathK2
Pass triumphing over the thorns of lifeQ2
Sceptres and crowns mitres and swords and snaresB2
Trampling in scorn like Him and SocratesB2
The first is Anarchy when Power and PleasureW
Glory and science and securityE
On Freedom hang like fruit on the green treeE
Then pour it forth and men shall gather ashesB2
The second TyrannyE
Obdurate spiritK
Thou seest but the Past in the To comeS2
Pride is thy error and thy punishmentK
Boast not thine empire dream not that thy worldsB2
Are more than furnace sparks or rainbow dropsB2
Before the Power that wields and kindles themP
True greatness asks not space true excellenceB2
Lives in the Spirit of all things that liveY2
Which lends it to the worlds thou callest thineE
Haste thou and fill the waning crescentK
With beams as keen as those which pierced the shadowK
Of Christian night rolled back upon the WestK
When the orient moon of Islam rode in triumphZ2
From Tmolus to the Acroceraunian snowK
Wake thou WordK
Of God and from the throne of DestinyE
Even to the utmost limit of thy wayA3
May TriumphZ2
Be thou a curse on them whose creedK
Divides and multiplies the most high GodK
We strew these opiate flowersB2
On thy restless pillowO
They were stripped from Orient bowersB2
By the Indian billowO
Be thy sleepH2
Calm and deepH2
Like theirs who fell not ours who weepH2
Away unlovely dreamsB2
Away false shapes of sleepH2
Be his as Heaven seemsB2
Clear and bright and deepH2
Soft as love and calm as deathK2
Sweet as a summer night without a breathK2
Sleep sleep our song is ladenE
With the soul of slumberW
It was sung by a Samian maidenE
Whose lover was of the numberW
Who now keepH2
That calm sleepH2
Whence none may wake where none shall weepH2
I touch thy temples paleO
I breathe my soul on theeE
And could my prayers availO
All my joy should beE
Dead and I would live to weepH2
So thou mightst win one hour of quiet sleepH2
Breathe low lowO
The spell of the mighty mistress nowE
When Conscience lulls her sated snakeW2
And Tyrants sleep let Freedom wakeW2
Breathe low lowO
The words which like secret fire shall flowO
Through the veins of the frozen earth low lowO
Life may change but it may fly notK
Hope may vanish but can die notK
Truth be veiled but still it burnethE
Love repulsed but it returnethE
Yet were life a charnel whereQ
Hope lay coffined with DespairQ
Yet were truth a sacred lieO
Love were lustK
If LibertyE
Lent not life its soul of lightK
Hope its iris of delightK
Truth its prophet's robe to wearQ
Love its power to give and bearQ
In the great morning of the worldK
The Spirit of God with might unfurledK
The flag of Freedom over ChaosB2
And all its banded anarchs fledK
Like vultures frighted from ImausB2
Before an earthquake's treadK
So from Time's tempestuous dawnE
Freedom's splendour burst and shoneE
Thermopylae and MarathonE
Caught like mountains beacon lightedK
The springing Fire The winged gloryE
On Philippi half alightedK
Like an eagle on a promontoryE
Its unwearied wings could fanE
The quenchless ashes of MilanE
From age to age from man to manE
It lived and lit from land to landK
Florence Albion SwitzerlandK
Then night fell and as from nightK
Reassuming fiery flightK
From the West swift Freedom cameD2
Against the course of Heaven and doomL
A second sun arrayed in flameD2
To burn to kindle to illumeD2
From far Atlantis its young beamsB2
Chased the shadows and the dreamsB2
France with all her sanguine steamsB2
Hid but quenched it not againE
Through clouds its shafts of glory rainE
From utmost Germany to SpainE
As an eagle fed with morningB3
Scorns the embattled tempest's warningB3
When she seeks her aerie hangingB3
In the mountain cedar's hairE
And her brood expect the clangingB3
Of her wings through the wild airE
Sick with famine Freedom soB2
To what of Greece remaineth nowE
Returns her hoary ruins glowB2
Like Orient mountains lost in dayK
Beneath the safety of her wingsB2
Her renovated nurslings preyK
And in the naked lighteningsB2
Of truth they purge their dazzled eyesB2
Let Freedom leave where'er she fliesB2
A Desert or a ParadiseB2
Let the beautiful and the braveD3
Share her glory or a graveD3
tempest's tempests editionE
prey edition play editionsB2
With the gifts of gladnessB2
Greece did thy cradle strewE
With the tears of sadnessB2
Greece did thy shroud bedewK
With an orphan's affectionE
She followed thy bier through TimeD2
And at thy resurrectionE
Reappeareth like thou sublimeD2
If Heaven should resume theeE
To Heaven shall her spirit ascendK
If Hell should entomb theeE
To Hell shall her high hearts bendK
If AnnihilationE
Dust let her glories beE
And a name and a nationE
Be forgotten Freedom with theeE
His brow grows darker breathe not move notK
He starts he shudders ye that love notK
With your panting loud and fastK
Have awakened him at lastK
Man the Seraglio guard make fast the gateK
What from a cannonade of three short hoursB2
'Tis false that breach towards the BosphorusB2
Cannot be practicable yet who stirsB2
Stand to the match that when the foe prevailsB2
One spark may mix in reconciling ruinE
The conqueror and the conquered Heave the towerE
Into the gap wrench off the roofE3
Ha whatK
The truth of day lightens upon my dreamD2
And I am Mahmud stillO
Your Sublime HighnessB2
Is strangely movedK
The times do cast strange shadowsB2
On those who watch and who must rule their courseB2
Lest they being first in peril as in gloryE
Be whelmed in the fierce ebb and these are of themD2
Thrice has a gloomy vision hunted meE
As thus from sleep into the troubled dayK
It shakes me as the tempest shakes the seaE
Leaving no figure upon memory's glassB2
Would that no matter Thou didst say thou knewestK
A Jew whose spirit is a chronicleO
Of strange and secret and forgotten thingsB2
I bade thee summon him 'tis said his tribeF3
Dream and are wise interpreters of dreamsB2
The Jew of whom I spake is old so oldK
He seems to have outlived a world's decayK
The hoary mountains and the wrinkled oceanE
Seem younger still than he his hair and beardK
Are whiter than the tempest sifted snowB2
His cold pale limbs and pulseless arteriesB2
Are like the fibres of a cloud instinctK
With light and to the soul that quickens themD2
Are as the atoms of the mountain driftK
To the winter wind but from his eye looks forthE
A life of unconsumed thought which piercesB2
The Present and the Past and the To comeD2
Some say that this is he whom the great prophetK
Jesus the son of Joseph for his mockeryE
Mocked with the curse of immortalityE
Some feign that he is Enoch others dreamD2
He was pre adamite and has survivedK
Cycles of generation and of ruinE
The sage in truth by dreadful abstinenceB2
And conquering penance of the mutinous fleshG3
Deep contemplation and unwearied studyE
In years outstretched beyond the date of manE
May have attained to sovereignty and scienceB2
Over those strong and secret things and thoughtsB2
Which others fear and know notK
I would talkH3
With this old JewE
Thy will is even nowE
Made known to him where he dwells in a sea cavernE
'Mid the Demonesi less accessibleO
Than thou or God He who would question himD2
Must sail alone at sunset where the streamD2
Of Ocean sleeps around those foamless islesB2
When the young moon is westering as nowE
And evening airs wander upon the waveD3
And when the pines of that bee pasturing isleO
Green Erebinthus quench the fiery shadowB2
Of his gilt prow within the sapphire waterE
Then must the lonely helmsman cry aloudK
'Ahasuerus ' and the caverns roundK
Will answer 'Ahasuerus ' If his prayerE
Be granted a faint meteor will ariseB2
Lighting him over Marmora and a windK
Will rush out of the sighing pine forestK
And with the wind a storm of harmonyE
Unutterably sweet and pilot himD2
Through the soft twilight to the BosphorusB2
Thence at the hour and place and circumstanceB2
Fit for the matter of their conferenceB2
The Jew appears Few dare and few who dareE
Win the desired communion but that shoutK
Evil doubtless Like all human soundsB2
Let me converse with spiritsB2
That shout againE
This Jew whom thou hast summonedK
Will be hereE
When the omnipotent hour to which are yokedK
He I and all things shall compel enoughI3
Silence those mutineers that drunken crewE
That crowd about the pilot in the stormD2
Ay strike the foremost shorter by a headK
They weary me and I have need of restK
Kinks are like stars they rise and set they haveJ3
The worship of the world but no reposeB2
Worlds on worlds are rolling everE
From creation to decayK
Like the bubbles on a riverE
Sparkling bursting borne awayK
But they are still immortalO
Who through birth's orient portalO
And death's dark chasm hurrying to and froB2
Clothe their unceasing flightK
In the brief dust and lightK
Gathered around their chariots as they goB2
New shapes they still may weaveK3
New gods new laws receiveK3
Bright or dim are they as the robes they lastK
On Death's bare ribs had castK
A power from the unknown GodK
A Promethean conqueror cameD2
Like a triumphal path he trodK
The thorns of death and shameD2
A mortal shape to himD2
Was like the vapour dimD2
Which the orient planet animates with lightK
Hell Sin and Slavery cameD2
Like bloodhounds mild and tameD2
Nor preyed until their Lord had taken flightK
The moon of MahometK
Arose and it shall setK
While blazoned as on Heaven's immortal noonE
The cross leads generations onE
Swift as the radiant shapes of sleepH2
From one whose dreams are ParadiseB2
Fly when the fond wretch wakes to weepH2
And Day peers forth with her blank eyesB2
So fleet so faint so fairE
The Powers of earth and airE
Fled from the folding star of BethlehemD2
Apollo Pan and LoveL3
And even Olympian JoveL3
Grew weak for killing Truth had glared on themD2
Our hills and seas and streamsB2
Dispeopled of their dreamsB2
Their waters turned to blood their dew to tearsB2
Wailed for the golden yearsB2
More gold our ancestors bought gold with victoryE
And shall I sell it for defeatK
The JanizarsB2
Clamour for payK
Go bid them pay themselvesB2
With Christian blood Are there no Grecian virginsB2
Whose shrieks and spasms and tears they may enjoyM3
No infidel children to impale on spearsB2
No hoary priests after that PatriarchN3
Who bent the curse against his country's heartK
Which clove his own at last Go bid them killO
Blood is the seed of goldK
It has been sownE
And yet the harvest to the sicklemenE
Is as a grain to eachO3
Then take this signetK
Unlock the seventh chamber in which lieO
The treasures of victorious SolymanE
An empire's spoil stored for a day of ruinE
O spirit of my sires is it not comeD2
The prey birds and the wolves are gorged and sleepH2
But these who spread their feast on the red earthE
Hunger for gold which fills not See them fedK
Then lead them to the rivers of fresh deathE
O miserable dawn after a nightK
More glorious than the day which it usurpedK
O faith in God O power on earth O wordK
Of the great prophet whose o'ershadowing wingsB2
Darkened the thrones and idols of the WestK
Now bright For thy sake cursed be the hourE
Even as a father by an evil childK
When the orient moon of Islam rolled in triumphL3
From Caucasus to White CerauniaE
Ruin above and anarchy belowB2
Terror without and treachery withinE
The Chalice of destruction full and allO
Thirsting to drink and who among us daresB2
To dash it from his lips and where is HopeV2
The lamp of our dominion still rides highO
One God is God Mahomet is His prophetK
Four hundred thousand Moslems from the limitsB2
Of utmost Asia irresistiblyE
Throng like full clouds at the Sirocco's cryO
But not like them to weep their strength in tearsB2
They bear destroying lightning and their stepP3
Wakes earthquake to consume and overwhelmD2
And reign in ruin Phrygian OlympusB2
Tmolus and Latmos and Mycale roughenE
With horrent arms and lofty ships even nowE
Like vapours anchored to a mountain's edgeQ3
Freighted with fire and whirlwind wait at ScalaO
The convoy of the ever veering windK
Samos is drunk with blood the Greek has paidK
Brief victory with swift loss and long despairE
The false Moldavian serfs fled fast and farE
When the fierce shout of 'Allah illa Allah '-
Rose like the war cry of the northern windK
Which kills the sluggish clouds and leaves a flockR3
Of wild swans struggling with the naked stormD2
So were the lost Greeks on the Danube's dayK
If night is mute yet the returning sunE
Kindles the voices of the morning birdsB2
Nor at thy bidding less exultinglyO
Than birds rejoicing in the golden dayK
The Anarchies of Africa unleashS3
Their tempest winged cities of the seaE
To speak in thunder to the rebel worldK
Like sulphurous clouds half shattered by the stormD2
They sweep the pale Aegean while the QueenE
Of Ocean bound upon her island throneE
Far in the West sits mourning that her sonsB2
Who frown on Freedom spare a smile for theeE
Russia still hovers as an eagle mightK
Within a cloud near which a kite and craneE
Hang tangled in inextricable fightK
To stoop upon the victor for she fearsB2
The name of Freedom even as she hates thineE
But recreant Austria loves thee as the GraveL3
Loves Pestilence and her slow dogs of warE
Fleshed with the chase come up from ItalyE
And howl upon their limits for they seeE
The panther Freedom fled to her old coverE
Amid seas and mountains and a mightier broodK
Crouch round What Anarch wears a crown or mitreE
Or bears the sword or grasps the key of goldK
Whose friends are not thy friends whose foes thy foesB2
Our arsenals and our armouries are fullO
Our forts defy assault ten thousand cannonE
Lie ranged upon the beach and hour by hourE
Their earth convulsing wheels affright the cityE
The galloping of fiery steeds makes paleO
The Christian merchant and the yellow JewE
Hides his hoard deeper in the faithless earthE
Like clouds and like the shadows of the cloudsB2
Over the hills of AnatoliaO
Swift in wide troops the Tartar chivalryE
Sweep the far flashing of their starry lancesB2
Reverberates the dying light of dayK
We have one God one King one Hope one LawO
But many headed Insurrection standsB2
Divided in itself and soon must fallO
spoil edition spoils editionsB2
bear edition have editionsB2
assault edition assaults editionsB2
Proud words when deeds come short are seasonableO
Look Hassan on yon crescent moon emblazonedK
Upon that shattered flag of fiery cloudK
Which leads the rear of the departing dayK
Wan emblem of an empire fading nowE
See how it trembles in the blood red airE
And like a mighty lamp whose oil is spentK
Shrinks on the horizon's edge while from aboveL3
One star with insolent and victorious lightK
Hovers above its fall and with keen beamsB2
Like arrows through a fainting antelopeV2
Strikes its weak form to deathE
Even as that moonE
Renews itselfL3
Shall we be not renewedK
Far other bark than ours were needed nowE
To stem the torrent of descending timeD2
The Spirit that lifts the slave before his lordK
Stalks through the capitals of armed kingsB2
And spreads his ensign in the wildernessB2
Exults in chains and when the rebel fallsB2
Cries like the blood of Abel from the dustK
And the inheritors of the earth like beastsB2
When earthquake is unleashed with idiot fearE
Cower in their kingly dens as I do nowE
What were Defeat when Victory must appalO
Or Danger when Security looks paleO
How said the messenger who from the fortK
Islanded in the Danube saw the battleO
Of Bucharest thatK
his edition its editionsB2
of the earth edition of earth editionsB2
Ibrahim's scimitarE
Drew with its gleam swift victory from HeavenE
To burn before him in the night of battleO
A light and a destructionE
Ay the dayK
Was ours but howE
The light WallachiansB2
The Arnaut Servian and Albanian alliesB2
Fled from the glance of our artilleryE
Almost before the thunderstone alitK
One half the Grecian army made a bridgeT3
Of safe and slow retreat with Moslem deadK
The otherE
Speak tremble notK
By victor myriads formed in hollow squareE
With rough and steadfast front and thrice flung backU3
The deluge of our foaming cavalryE
Thrice their keen wedge of battle pierced our linesB2
Our baffled army trembled like one manE
Before a host and gave them space but soonE
From the surrounding hills the batteries blazedK
Kneading them down with fire and iron rainE
Yet none approached till like a field of cornE
Under the hook of the swart sicklemanE
The band intrenched in mounds of Turkish deadK
Grew weak and few Then said the Pacha 'SlavesB2
Render yourselves they have abandoned youE
What hope of refuge or retreat or aidK
We grant your lives ' 'Grant that which is thine own '-
Cried one and fell upon his sword and diedK
Another 'God and man and hope abandon meE
But I to them and to myself remainE
Constant ' he bowed his head and his heart burstK
A third exclaimed 'There is a refuge tyrantK
Where thou darest not pursue and canst not harmD2
Shouldst thou pursue there we shall meet again '-
Then held his breath and after a brief spasmD2
The indignant spirit cast its mortal garmentK
Among the slain dead earth upon the earthE
So these survivors each by different waysB2
Some strange all sudden none dishonourableO
Met in triumphant death and when our armyE
Closed in while yet wonder and awe and shameD2
Held back the base hyaenas of the battleO
That feed upon the dead and fly the livingB3
One rose out of the chaos of the slainE
And if it were a corpse which some dread spiritK
Of the old saviours of the land we ruleO
Had lifted in its anger wandering byO
Or if there burned within the dying manE
Unquenchable disdain of death and faithE
Creating what it feigned I cannot tellO
But he cried 'Phantoms of the free we comeD2
Armies of the Eternal ye who strikeV3
To dust the citadels of sanguine kingsB2
And shake the souls throned on their stony heartsB2
And thaw their frostwork diadems like dewE
O ye who float around this clime and weaveL3
The garment of the glory which it wearsB2
Whose fame though earth betray the dust it claspedK
Lies sepulchred in monumental thoughtK
Progenitors of all that yet is greatK
Ascribe to your bright senate O acceptK
In your high ministrations us your sonsB2
Us first and the more glorious yet to comeD2
And ye weak conquerors giants who look paleO
When the crushed worm rebels beneath your treadK
The vultures and the dogs your pensioners tameD2
Are overgorged but like oppressors stillO
They crave the relic of Destruction's feastK
The exhalations and the thirsty windsB2
Are sick with blood the dew is foul with deathE
Heaven's light is quenched in slaughter thus where'erE
Upon your camps cities or towers or fleetsB2
The obscene birds the reeking remnants castK
Of these dead limbs upon your streams and mountainsB2
Upon your fields your gardens and your housetopsB2
Where'er the winds shall creep or the clouds flyO
Or the dews fall or the angry sun look downE
With poisoned light Famine and PestilenceB2
And Panic shall wage war upon our sideK
Nature from all her boundaries is movedK
Against ye Time has found ye light as foamD2
The Earth rebels and Good and Evil stakeW2
Their empire o'er the unborn world of menE
On this one cast but ere the die be thrownE
The renovated genius of our raceB2
Proud umpire of the impious game descendsB2
A seraph winged Victory bestridingW2
The tempest of the Omnipotence of GodK
Which sweeps all things to their appointed doomD2
And you to oblivion ' More he would have saidK
band edition bands editionsB2
Died as thou shouldst ore thy lips had paintedK
Their ruin in the hues of our successB2
A rebel's crime gilt with a rebel's tongueW2
Your heart is Greek HassanE
It may be soB2
A spirit not my own wrenched me withinE
And I have spoken words I fear and hateK
Yet would I die forE
Live oh live outliveL3
Me and this sinking empire But the fleetK
The fleet which like a flock of cloudsB2
Chased by the wind flies the insurgent bannerE
Our winged castles from their merchant shipsB2
Our myriads before their weak pirate bandsB2
Our arms before their chains our years of empireE
Before their centuries of servile fearE
Death is awake Repulse is on the watersB2
They own no more the thunder bearing bannerE
Of Mahmud but like hounds of a base breedK
Gorge from a stranger's hand and rend their masterE
Repulse is Shelley Errata edition Repulsed editionE
Latmos and Ampelos and Phanae sawB2
The wreckW2
The caves of the Icarian islesB2
Told each to the other in loud mockeryE
And with the tongue as of a thousand echoesB2
First of the sea convulsing fight and thenE
Thou darest to speak senseless are the mountainsB2
Interpret thou their voiceB2
Told Errata Wms transcript Hold editionE
My presence boreE
A part in that day's shame The Grecian fleetK
Bore down at daybreak from the North and hungW2
As multitudinous on the ocean lineE
As cranes upon the cloudless Thracian windK
Our squadron convoying ten thousand menE
Was stretching towards Nauplia when the battleO
Was kindledK
First through the hail of our artilleryE
The agile Hydriote barks with press of sailO
Dashed ship to ship cannon to cannon manE
To man were grappled in the embrace of warE
Inextricable but by death or victoryE
The tempest of the raging fight convulsedK
To its crystalline depths that stainless seaE
And shook Heaven's roof of golden morning cloudsB2
Poised on an hundred azure mountain islesB2
In the brief trances of the artilleryE
One cry from the destroyed and the destroyerE
Rose and a cloud of desolation wrappedK
The unforeseen event till the north windK
Sprung from the sea lifting the heavy veilO
Of battle smoke then victory victoryE
For as we thought three frigates from AlgiersB2
Bore down from Naxos to our aid but soonE
The abhorred cross glimmered behind beforeE
Among around us and that fatal signE
Dried with its beams the strength in Moslem heartsB2
As the sun drinks the dew What more We fledK
Our noonday path over the sanguine foamD2
Was beaconed and the glare struck the sun paleO
By our consuming transports the fierce lightK
Made all the shadows of our sails blood redK
And every countenance blank Some ships lay feedingW2
The ravening fire even to the water's levelO
Some were blown up some settling heavilyE
Sunk and the shrieks of our companions diedK
Upon the wind that bore us fast and farE
Even after they were dead Nine thousand perishedK
We met the vultures legioned in the airE
Stemming the torrent of the tainted windK
They screaming from their cloudy mountain peaksB2
Stooped through the sulphurous battle smoke and perchedK
Each on the weltering carcase that we lovedK
Like its ill angel or its damned soulO
Riding upon the bosom of the seaE
We saw the dog fish hastening to their feastK
Joy waked the voiceless people of the seaE
And ravening Famine left his ocean caveL3
To dwell with War with us and with DespairE
We met night three hours to the west of PatmosE
And with night tempestK
in edition of editionsE
And edition As editionsE
Your Sublime HighnessE
That Christian hound the Muscovite AmbassadorE
Has left the city If the rebel fleetK
Had anchored in the port had victoryE
Crowned the Greek legions in the HippodromeD2
Panic were tamer Obedience and MutinyE
Like giants in contention planet struckW2
Stand gazing on each other There is peaceE
In StamboulO
Is the grave not calmer stillO
Its ruins shall be mineE
Fear not the RussianE
The tiger leagues not with the stag at bayK
Against the hunter Cunning base and cruelO
He crouches watching till the spoil be wonE
And must be paid for his reserve in bloodK
After the war is fought yield the sleek RussianE
That which thou canst not keep his deserved portionE
Of blood which shall not flow through streets and fieldsE
Rivers and seas like that which we may winE
But stagnate in the veins of Christian slavesE
Nauplia Tripolizza Mothon AthensE
Navarin Artas MonembasiaS3
Corinth and Thebes are carried by assaultK
And every Islamite who made his dogsE
Fat with the flesh of Galilean slavesE
Passed at the edge of the sword the lust of bloodK
Which made our warriors drunk is quenched in deathE
But like a fiery plague breaks out anewE
In deeds which make the Christian cause look paleO
In its own light The garrison of PatrasE
Has store but for ten days nor is there hopeV2
But from the Briton at once slave and tyrantK
His wishes still are weaker than his fearsE
Or he would sell what faith may yet remainE
From the oaths broke in Genoa and in NorwayK
And if you buy him not your treasuryE
Is empty even of promises his own coinE
The freedman of a western poet chiefL3
Holds Attica with seven thousand rebelsE
And has beat back the Pacha of NegropontK
The aged Ali sits in YaninaE
A crownless metaphor of empireE
His name that shadow of his withered mightK
Holds our besieging army like a spellO
In prey to famine pest and mutinyE
He bastioned in his citadel looks forthE
Joyless upon the sapphire lake that mirrorsE
The ruins of the city where he reignedK
Childless and sceptreless The Greek has reapedK
The costly harvest his own blood maturedK
Not the sower Ali who has bought a truceE
From Ypsilanti with ten camel loadsE
Of Indian goldK
freedman edition freeman editionsE
What moreE
The Christian tribesE
Of Lebanon and the Syrian wildernessE
Are in revolt Damascus Hems AleppoV2
Tremble the Arab menaces MedinaE
The Aethiop has intrenched himself in SennaarE
And keeps the Egyptian rebel well employedK
Who denies homage claims investitureE
As price of tardy aid Persia demandsE
The cities on the Tigris and the GeorgiansE
Refuse their living tribute Crete and CyprusE
Like mountain twins that from each other's veinsE
Catch the volcano fire and earthquake spasmD2
Shake in the general fever Through the cityE
Like birds before a storm the Santons shriekW2
And prophesyings horrible and newE
Are heard among the crowd that sea of menE
Sleeps on the wrecks it made breathless and stillO
A Dervise learned in the Koran preachesE
That it is written how the sins of IslamD2
Must raise up a destroyer even nowE
The Greeks expect a Saviour from the WestK
Who shall not come men say in clouds and gloryE
But in the omnipresence of that SpiritK
In which all live and are Ominous signsE
Are blazoned broadly on the noonday skyW2
One saw a red cross stamped upon the sunE
It has rained blood and monstrous births declareE
The secret wrath of Nature and her LordK
The army encamped upon the CydarisE
Was roused last night by the alarm of battleO
And saw two hosts conflicting in the airE
The shadows doubtless of the unborn timeD2
Cast on the mirror of the night While yetK
The fight hung balanced there arose a stormD2
Which swept the phantoms from among the starsE
At the third watch the Spirit of the PlagueW2
Was heard abroad flapping among the tentsE
Those who relieved watch found the sentinels deadK
The last news from the camp is that a thousandK
Have sickened andK
And thou pale ghost dim shadowK
Of some untimely rumour speakW2
One comesE
Fainting with toil covered with foam and bloodK
He stood he says on Chelonites'E
Promontory which o'erlooks the isles that groanE
Under the Briton's frown and all their watersE
Then trembling in the splendour of the moonE
When as the wandering clouds unveiled or hidK
Her boundless light he saw two adverse fleetsE
Stalk through the night in the horizon's glimmerE
Mingling fierce thunders and sulphureous gleamsE
And smoke which strangled every infant windK
That soothed the silver clouds through the deep airE
At length the battle slept but the SiroccoW2
Awoke and drove his flock of thunder cloudsE
Over the sea horizon blotting outK
All objects save that in the faint moon glimpseE
He saw or dreamed he saw the Turkish admiralO
And two the loftiest of our ships of warE
With the bright image of that Queen of HeavenE
Who hid perhaps her face for grief reversedK
And the abhorred crossE
on Chelonites' on Chelonites ErrataK
upon Clelonite's editionE
upon Clelonit's editionsE
Your Sublime HighnessE
The Jew whoE
Could not come more seasonablyO
Bid him attend I'll hear no more too longW2
We gaze on danger through the mist of fearE
And multiply upon our shattered hopesE
The images of ruin Come what willO
To morrow and to morrow are as lampsE
Set in our path to light us to the edgeQ3
Through rough and smooth nor can we suffer aughtK
Which He inflicts not in whose hand we areE
Would I were the winged cloudK
Of a tempest swift and loudK
I would scornE
The smile of mornE
And the wave where the moonrise is bornE
I would leaveL3
The spirits of eveL3
A shroud for the corpse of the day to weaveL3
From other threads than mineE
Bask in the deep blue noon divineE
Who would Not IW2
the deep blue Errata Wms transcript the blue editionE
Whither to flyW2
Where the rocks that gird th' AegeanE
Echo to the battle paeanE
Of the freeE
I would fleeE
A tempestuous herald of victoryE
My golden rainE
For the Grecian slainE
Should mingle in tears with the bloody mainE
And my solemn thunder knellO
Should ring to the world the passing bellO
Of TyrannyE
Ah king wilt thou chainE
The rack and the rainE
Wilt thou fetter the lightning and hurricaneE
The storms are freeE
But weE
O Slavery thou frost of the world's primeD2
Killing its flowers and leaving its thorns bareE
Thy touch has stamped these limbs with crimeD2
These brows thy branding garland bearE
But the free heart the impassive soulO
Scorn thy controlO
Let there be light said LibertyE
And like sunrise from the seaE
Athens arose Around her bornE
Shone like mountains in the mornE
Glorious states and are they nowE
Ashes wrecks oblivionE
Where Thermae and Asopus swallowedK
Persia as the sand does foamD2
Deluge upon deluge followedK
Discord Macedon and RomeD2
And lastly thouE
Temples and towersE
Citadels and marts and theyK
Who live and die there have been oursE
And may be thine and must decayK
But Greece and her foundations areE
Built below the tide of warE
Based on the crystalline seaE
Of thought and its eternityE
Her citizens imperial spiritsE
Rule the present from the pastK
On all this world of men inheritsE
Their seal is setK
Hear ye the blastK
Whose Orphic thunder thrilling callsE
From ruin her Titanian wallsE
Whose spirit shakes the sapless bonesE
Of Slavery Argos Corinth CreteK
Hear and from their mountain thronesE
The daemons and the nymphs repeatK
The harmonyE
I hear I hearE
The world's eyeless charioteerE
Destiny is hurrying byW2
What faith is crushed what empire bleedsE
Beneath her earthquake footed steedsE
What eagle winged victory sitsE
At her right hand what shadow flitsE
Before what splendour rolls behindK
Ruin and renovation cryW2
'Who but We '-
I hear I hearE
The hiss as of a rushing windK
The roar as of an ocean foamingW2
The thunder as of earthquake comingW2
I hear I hearE
The crash as of an empire fallingW2
The shrieks as of a people callingW2
'Mercy mercy ' How they thrillO
Then a shout of 'kill kill kill '-
And then a small still voice thusE
Revenge and Wrong bring forth their kindK
The foul cubs like their parents areE
Their den is in the guilty mindK
And Conscience feeds them with despairE
For edition Wms transcriptK
Fear cj Fleay Forman Dowden See Editor's NoteK
In sacred Athens near the faneE
Of Wisdom Pity's altar stoodK
Serve not the unknown God in vainE
But pay that broken shrine againE
Love for hate and tears for bloodK
Thou art a man thou sayest even as weE
No moreE
But raised above thy fellow menE
By thought as I by powerE
Thou sayest soE
Thou art an adept in the difficult loreE
Of Greek and Frank philosophy thou numberestK
The flowers and thou measurest the starsE
Thou severest element from elementK
Thy spirit is present in the Past and seesE
The birth of this old world through all its cyclesE
Of desolation and of lovelinessE
And when man was not and how man becameD2
The monarch and the slave of this low sphereE
And all its narrow circles it is muchS3
I honour thee and would be what thou artK
Were I not what I am but the unborn hourE
Cradled in fear and hope conflicting stormsE
Who shall unveil Nor thou nor I nor anyE
Mighty or wise I apprehended notK
What thou hast taught me but I now perceiveL3
That thou art no interpreter of dreamsE
Thou dost not own that art device or GodK
Can make the Future present let it comeD2
Moreover thou disdainest us and oursE
Thou art as God whom thou contemplatestK
Disdain thee not the worm beneath thy feetK
The Fathomless has care for meaner thingsE
Than thou canst dream and has made pride for thoseE
Who would be what they may not or would seemD2
That which they are not Sultan talk no moreE
Of thee and me the Future and the PastK
But look on that which cannot change the OneE
The unborn and the undying Earth and oceanE
Space and the isles of life or light that gemD2
The sapphire floods of interstellar airE
This firmament pavilioned upon chaosE
With all its cressets of immortal fireE
Whose outwall bastioned impregnablyO
Against the escape of boldest thoughts repels themD2
As Calpe the Atlantic clouds this WholeO
Of suns and worlds and men and beasts and flowersE
With all the silent or tempestuous workingsE
By which they have been are or cease to beE
Is but a vision all that it inheritsE
Are motes of a sick eye bubbles and dreamsE
Thought is its cradle and its grave nor lessE
The Future and the Past are idle shadowsE
Of thought's eternal flight they have no beingW2
Nought is but that which feels itself to beE
thy edition my editionsE
What meanest thou Thy words stream like a tempestK
Of dazzling mist within my brain they shakeW2
The earth on which I stand and hang like nightK
On Heaven above me What can they availO
They cast on all things surest brightest bestK
Doubt insecurity astonishmentK
Mistake me not All is contained in eachS3
Dodona's forest to an acorn's cupV2
Is that which has been or will be to thatK
Which is the absent to the present ThoughtK
Alone and its quick elements Will PassionE
Reason Imagination cannot dieK
They are what that which they regard appearsE
The stuff whence mutability can weaveL3
All that it hath dominion o'er worlds wormsE
Empires and superstitions What has thoughtK
To do with time or place or circumstanceE
Wouldst thou behold the Future ask and haveL3
Knock and it shall be opened look and loO
The coming age is shadowed on the PastK
As on a glassE
Wild wilder thoughts convulseE
My spirit Did not Mahomet the SecondK
Win StamboulO
Thou wouldst ask that giant spiritK
The written fortunes of thy house and faithE
Thou wouldst cite one out of the grave to tellO
How what was born in blood must dieK
Thy wordsE
Have power on me I seeE
What hearest thouE
A far whisperE
Terrible silenceE
What succeedsE
The soundK
As of the assault of an imperial cityE
The hiss of inextinguishable fireE
The roar of giant cannon the earthquakingW2
Fall of vast bastions and precipitous towersE
The shock of crags shot from strange engineryE
The clash of wheels and clang of armed hoofsE
And crash of brazen mail as of the wreckW2
Of adamantine mountains the mad blastK
Of trumpets and the neigh of raging steedsE
The shrieks of women whose thrill jars the bloodK
And one sweet laugh most horrible to hearE
As of a joyous infant waked and playingW2
With its dead mother's breast and now more loudK
The mingled battle cry ha hear I notK
'En touto nike ' 'Allah illa Allah '-
The sulphurous mist is raised thou seestK
A chasmD2
As of two mountains in the wall of StamboulO
And in that ghastly breach the IslamitesE
Like giants on the ruins of a worldK
Stand in the light of sunrise In the dustK
Glimmers a kingless diadem and oneE
Of regal port has cast himself beneathE
The stream of war Another proudly cladK
In golden arms spurs a Tartarian barbW3
Into the gap and with his iron maceE
Directs the torrent of that tide of menE
And seems he is MahometK
What thou seestK
Is but the ghost of thy forgotten dreamD2
A dream itself yet less perhaps than thatK
Thou call'st reality Thou mayst beholdK
How cities on which Empire sleeps enthronedK
Bow their towered crests to mutabilityK
Poised by the flood e'en on the height thou holdestK
Thou mayst now learn how the full tide of powerE
Ebbs to its depths Inheritor of gloryE
Conceived in darkness born in blood and nourishedK
With tears and toil thou seest the mortal throesE
Of that whose birth was but the same The PastK
Now stands before thee like an IncarnationE
Of the To come yet wouldst thou commune withE
That portion of thyself which was ere thouE
Didst start for this brief race whose crown is deathE
Dissolve with that strong faith and fervent passionE
Which called it from the uncreated deepV2
Yon cloud of war with its tempestuous phantomsE
Of raging death and draw with mighty willO
The imperial shade hitherE
I comeD2
Thence whither thou must go The grave is fitterE
To take the living than give up the deadK
Yet has thy faith prevailed and I am hereE
The heavy fragments of the power which fellO
When I arose like shapeless crags and cloudsE
Hang round my throne on the abyss and voicesE
Of strange lament soothe my supreme reposeE
Wailing for glory never to returnE
A later Empire nods in its decayW2
The autumn of a greener faith is comeD2
And wolfish change like winter howls to stripV2
The foliage in which Fame the eagle builtK
Her aerie while Dominion whelped belowO
The storm is in its branches and the frostK
Is on its leaves and the blank deep expectsE
Oblivion on oblivion spoil on spoilO
Ruin on ruin Thou art slow my sonE
The Anarchs of the world of darkness keepV2
A throne for thee round which thine empire liesE
Boundless and mute and for thy subjects thouE
Like us shalt rule the ghosts of murdered lifeL3
The phantoms of the powers who rule thee nowE
Mutinous passions and conflicting fearsE
And hopes that sate themselves on dust and dieK
Stripped of their mortal strength as thou of thineE
Islam must fall but we will reign togetherE
Over its ruins in the world of deathE
And if the trunk be dry yet shall the seedK
Unfold itself even in the shape of thatK
Which gathers birth in its decay Woe woeO
To the weak people tangled in the graspV2
Of its last spasmsE
Spirit woe to allO
Woe to the wronged and the avenger WoeO
To the destroyer woe to the destroyedK
Woe to the dupe and woe to the deceiverE
Woe to the oppressed and woe to the oppressorE
Woe both to those that suffer and inflictK
Those who are born and those who die but sayW2
Imperial shadow of the thing I amD2
When how by whom Destruction must accomplishS3
Her consummationE
Ask the cold pale HourE
Rich in reversion of impending deathE
When HE shall fall upon whose ripe gray hairsE
Sit Care and Sorrow and InfirmityE
The weight which Crime whose wings are plumed with yearsE
Leaves in his flight from ravaged heart to heartK
Over the heads of men under which burthenE
They bow themselves unto the grave fond wretchS3
He leans upon his crutch and talks of yearsE
To come and how in hours of youth renewedK
He will renew lost joys andK
Victory VictoryE
What sound of the importunate earth has brokenE
My mighty tranceE
Victory VictoryE
Weak lightning before darkness poor faint smileO
Of dying Islam Voice which art the responseE
Of hollow weakness Do I wake and liveL3
Were there such things or may the unquiet brainE
Vexed by the wise mad talk of the old JewE
Have shaped itself these shadows of its fearE
It matters not for nought we see or dreamD2
Possess or lose or grasp at can be worthE
More than it gives or teaches Come what mayW2
The Future must become the Past and IK
As they were to whom once this present hourE
This gloomy crag of time to which I clingW2
Seemed an Elysian isle of peace and joyM3
Never to be attained I must rebukeW2
This drunkenness of triumph ere it dieK
And dying bring despair Victory poor slavesE
Shout in the jubilee of death The GreeksE
Are as a brood of lions in the netK
Round which the kingly hunters of the earthE
Stand smiling Anarchs ye whose daily foodK
Are curses groans and gold the fruit of deathE
From Thule to the girdle of the worldK
Come feast the board groans with the flesh of menE
The cup is foaming with a nation's bloodK
Famine and Thirst await eat drink and dieK
Victorious Wrong with vulture screamD2
Salutes the rising sun pursues the flying dayW2
I saw her ghastly as a tyrant's dreamD2
Perch on the trembling pyramid of nightK
Beneath which earth and all her realms pavilioned layW2
In visions of the dawning undelightK
Who shall impede her flightK
Who rob her of her preyW2
Victory Victory Russia's famished eaglesE
Dare not to prey beneath the crescent's lightK
Impale the remnant of the Greeks despoilW2
Violate make their flesh cheaper than dustK
Thou voice which artK
The herald of the ill in splendour hidK
Thou echo of the hollow heartK
Of monarchy bear me to thine abodeK
When desolation flashes o'er a world destroyedK
Oh bear me to those isles of jagged cloudK
Which float like mountains on the earthquake midK
The momentary oceans of the lightningW2
Or to some toppling promontory proudK
Of solid tempest whose black pyramidK
Riven overhangs the founts intensely bright'ningW2
Of those dawn tinted deluges of fireE
Before their waves expireE
When heaven and earth are light and only lightK
In the thunder nightK
earthquake edition earthquakes editionsE
Victory Victory Austria Russia EnglandK
And that tame serpent that poor shadow FranceE
Cry peace and that means death when monarchs speakW2
Ho there bring torches sharpen those red stakesE
These chains are light fitter for slaves and poisonersE
Than Greeks Kill plunder burn let none remainE
Alas for LibertyK
If numbers wealth or unfulfilling yearsE
Or fate can quell the freeK
Alas for Virtue whenE
Torments or contumely or the sneersE
Of erring judging menE
Can break the heart where it abidesE
Alas if Love whose smile makes this obscure world splendidK
Can change with its false times and tidesE
Like hope and terrorE
Alas for LoveL3
And Truth who wanderest lone and unbefriendedK
If thou canst veil thy lie consuming mirrorE
Before the dazzled eyes of ErrorE
Alas for thee Image of the AboveL3
Repulse with plumes from conquest tornE
Led the ten thousand from the limits of the mornE
Through many an hostile AnarchyK
At length they wept aloud and cried 'The Sea the Sea '-
Through exile persecution and despairE
Rome was and young Atlantis shall becomeD2
The wonder or the terror or the tombD2
Of all whose step wakes Power lulled in her savage lairE
But Greece was as a hermit childK
Whose fairest thoughts and limbs were builtK
To woman's growth by dreams so mildK
She knew not pain or guiltK
And now O Victory blush and Empire trembleW2
When ye desert the freeK
If Greece must beK
A wreck yet shall its fragments reassembleW2
And build themselves again impregnablyW2
In a diviner climeD2
To Amphionic music on some Cape sublimeD2
Which frowns above the idle foam of TimeD2
Let the tyrants rule the desert they have madeK
Let the free possess the Paradise they claimD2
Be the fortune of our fierce oppressors weighedK
With our ruin our resistance and our nameD2
Our dead shall be the seed of their decayW2
Our survivors be the shadow of their prideK
Our adversity a dream to pass awayW2
Their dishonour a remembrance to abideK
Victory Victory The bought Briton sendsE
The keys of ocean to the IslamiteK
Now shall the blazon of the cross be veiledK
And British skill directing Othman mightK
Thunder strike rebel victory Oh keep holyW2
This jubilee of unrevenged bloodK
Kill crush despoil Let not a Greek escapeV2
Darkness has dawned in the EastK
On the noon of timeD2
The death birds descend to their feastK
From the hungry climeD2
Let Freedom and Peace flee farE
To a sunnier strandK
And follow Love's folding starE
To the Evening landK
The young moon has fedK
Her exhausted hornE
With the sunset's fireE
The weak day is deadK
But the night is not bornE
And like loveliness panting with wild desireE
While it trembles with fear and delightK
Hesperus flies from awakening nightK
And pants in its beauty and speed with lightK
Fast flashing soft and brightK
Thou beacon of love thou lamp of the freeW2
Guide us far far awayW2
To climes where now veiled by the ardour of dayW2
Thou art hiddenE
From waves on which weary NoonE
Faints in her summer swoonE
Between kingless continents sinless as EdenE
Around mountains and islands inviolablyW2
Pranked on the sapphire seaW2
Through the sunset of hopeV2
Like the shapes of a dreamD2
What Paradise islands of glory gleamD2
Beneath Heaven's copeV2
Their shadows more clear float byK
The sound of their oceans the light of their skyK
The music and fragrance their solitudes breatheE
Burst like morning on dream or like Heaven on deathE
Through the walls of our prisonE
And Greece which was dead is arisenE
dream edition dreams editionsW2
The world's great age begins anewE
The golden years returnE
The earth doth like a snake renewE
Her winter weeds outwornE
Heaven smiles and faiths and empires gleamD2
Like wrecks of a dissolving dreamD2
A brighter Hellas rears its mountainsW2
From waves serener farE
A new Peneus rolls his fountainsW2
Against the morning starE
Where fairer Tempes bloom there sleepV2
Young Cyclads on a sunnier deepV2
A loftier Argo cleaves the mainE
Fraught with a later prizeW2
Another Orpheus sings againE
And loves and weeps and diesW2
A new Ulysses leaves once moreE
Calypso for his native shoreE
Oh write no more the tale of TroyM3
If earth Death's scroll must beW2
Nor mix with Laian rage the joyM3
Which dawns upon the freeW2
Although a subtler Sphinx renewE
Riddles of death Thebes never knewE
Another Athens shall ariseW2
And to remoter timeD2
Bequeath like sunset to the skiesW2
The splendour of its primeD2
And leave if nought so bright may liveL3
All earth can take or Heaven can giveL3
Saturn and Love their long reposeW2
Shall burst more bright and goodK
Than all who fell than One who roseW2
Than many unsubduedK
Not gold not blood their altar dowersW2
But votive tears and symbol flowersW2
Oh cease must hate and death returnE
Cease must men kill and dieK
Cease drain not to its dregs the urnE
Of bitter prophecyW2
The world is weary of the pastK
Oh might it die or rest at lastK
his edition its editionsW2
Argo Argos editionE
See Editor's noteK
bright editions wise edition ed GalignaniE
unsubdued editions unwithstood edition ed GalignaniE

Percy Bysshe Shelley


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