The Gift Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


To Iris In Bow Street Convent GardenA
Say cruel IRIS pretty rakeB
Dear mercenary beautyC
What annual offering shall I makeB
Expressive of my dutyC
My heart a victim to thine eyesD
Should I at once deliverE
Say would the angry fair one prizeD
The gift who slights the giverE
A bill a jewel watch or toyF
My rivals give and let 'emG
If gems or gold impart a joyF
I'll give them when I get 'emG
I'll give but not the full blown roseH
Or rose bud more in fashionA
Such short liv'd offerings but discloseH
A transitory passionA
I'll give thee something yet unpaidI
Not less sincere than civilJ
I'll give thee Ah too charming maidI
I'll give thee To the devilJ

Oliver Goldsmith


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