The Mystery Of Death Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Death the great unknownA
A mystery we cannot fathomB
A journey we must take alone without fearC
An end to life's rhythmic anthem soundsD
What lies beyond this mortal veilE
Is it light or is it darkF
Will our souls truly prevail or foldG
Or will we be left to stark in doubtH
A question I haven't find answers toI
No mortal man can truly sayJ
What awaits us on the other sideK
Yet we journey on day by dayJ
Until death's veil we cannot hideK
Perhaps in death we find releaseL
From life's burdens and strifeM
And journey on to greater peaceL
Beyond the realm of earthly lifeM
Or perhaps death is but a doorN
To something greater yet unknownA
A realm of mystery to exploreN
Beyond the reaches of our ownA
Whatever death may bring usO
Let us journey on with graceP
Embracing life with each new fussO
Until we meet death's silent faceP
For in the end we cannot knowQ
What lies beyond death's veilE
But we can journey with faith and hopeR
And let our hearts and souls prevailE

Oghenero Peter
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/27/2023


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