I don't know if you have any desires,
I don't know what you're thinking.
Every time I look at you I want to read your eyes,
But I can't do it because your expression is not clean.

I have the impression that you don't find yourself and you don't know where you're going.
You don't know what you want either, even though I thought I was becoming a sun for you.
That's what I want to be, a new sun and a source of hope,
I want you to breathe new life and feel free with me.

I want to give you back the joy of life and that you regain your aspirations,
Let me love you more than anything else and show you all my love.
The expression on your face is so darkened like a whirlwind in a storm.
If your soul is swirling in confusion, let me bring you back to the shore of happiness.