Who is Oceane Malongo

Born on february 14th 1995 in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo and grown up in the forest and a small village of Congo. At 14 was back in Brazzaville till now. She is actually spending her time writting poetry. ...
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  • Too Abstracted
    I don't know if you have any desires,
    I don't know what you're thinking.
    Every time I look at you I want to read your eyes,
    But I can't do it because your expression is not clean. ...
  • My Love For Stars
    I am a litle human being living on earth,
    With all the default and inperfections.
    I live in a litle town and a small quater next to the river.
    There I don't have friends but I spend nice moments with my family members. ...
  • I Love You
    The breeze of love has tresspassed my heart,
    Something strange has awakened into me.
    I can not explain this feeling,
    But I know it's called love. ...
  • The Best Love In The World
    Study all the divine scriptures,
    Put them in your heart and let them become your life style.
    Let your prayer become your life style,
    Whatever you ask in your prayer let it become your life style. ...
  • Parents Love
    There is no biggest love on earth than parents love,
    They love you from the bigining till the end.
    They love you till you still were in your mother's womb,
    They took care of you and waited patiently to have you. ...
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