I am a litle human being living on earth,
With all the default and inperfections.
I live in a litle town and a small quater next to the river.
There I don't have friends but I spend nice moments with my family members.

I sometimes feel alone but doesn't mean I should cry.
Indeed there are so many way I create my joy,
There are so many ways I enjoy my life,
Even if I don't go outside everyday.
The morning breaks up with the nice rays of sun,
And the lovely songs of birds.
When I go in the bathroom fresh water washes my face and body,
And when I go outside the air from trees comes up in my hairs and whole body.

I feel the joy in my heart to start a new day of hope,
The day passes so nicely and then comes the night again.
Then the air of the night is sweet and life-giving,
Perfume from flowers is making the atmosphere a paradise,
Whyle I have my look on the beautiful stars.

They are so beautifully twinkeling in the sky,
And the light of the moon is illuminating my face.
Oh there is a bright smile on my lips surely and my heart is beating at the sight of stars.